Relax, not what you think. Just some fill-in stuff before the Game Sunday.

In the event the link is not hyped here is an excerpt:

NFL teams began assembling their eight-man practice squads last week, and if you're on the New England Patriots squad, your wallet might be a little fatter than others.

The Patriots are one NFL team that consistently goes above and beyond the minimum practice squad rate of $5,700 per week. In recent seasons, the Pats have paid their entire practice squad weekly rates above the minimum salary at certain points.

That trend continues in 2012 as the NFL Players Association base salary information shows that Patriots offensive linemen Thomas Austin and Matt Kopa are both earning $8,820 per week, which over a 17-week season would amount to a $149,940 salary.

The reason for paying more? Some teams will make exceptions for players who might have drawn interest from other clubs or as a way to reward players for their practice performance.

Classy i say, just a classy Org.