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       Is it just my Kool-aid drinkin' Ars , or does our Receiving Corps have the potential to be kooky - good ?

     I'm Talkin' 2007-esque
    kooky-good  !
     Maybe even ALL TIME kooky-good !

     Bear with me :

    Wrs : Moss, Welker, Edelman , Holt , Tate , Price
     ( Patton , Farnham )
    Te : Crumpler , Gronkowski , Hernandez

    MOSS- Will contract year motivation equal close to 2007 numbers ? Maybe ...maybe not , but heck - even if he's just does 3/4th's of that productive ...that's 15 or 16 tds .
       If his OTA mentality is any indication of things to come ...

    LOOK OUT !

    WELKER- Personally I'm kinda hoping they sit him on the PUP list for the 1st half the season ...but considering all the encouraging reports , if he does 3/4ths of his past production  ( That's still 75 catchs and 7 - 8  tds  )

    EDELMAN - THIS GUY IS NO FLUKE . The 2nd year player is the real deal and I'm confident he'll fill in numbers for the inevitable Welker production fall off... he's a hard worker and a true New England Patriot  ( 5 or 6 tds seems about right )

    HOLT - I admit at first I didn't think much of his arrival ... but upon further review  I believe adding a proven and motivated vet with sure hands and precise route running ability is going to be a tremendous plus ...especially in the red zone and/  or crunch time when speed isn't as much of an issue as steely nerve .
     ( 6 or 7 tds wouldnt shock me...especially considering his Qb upgrade from last few seasons Garrard )

    TATE- The North Carolina playmaker is a big ? at this point but those that doubt his ability to take it to the house should pull up his College highlight reel for a refresher ... He can get it done ... quickly . Now if only he can stay healthy and show his stuff on the field , he might just blossom into the 2010 version of D Branch  ( hopefully the healthy version )
     ( 4 or 5 tds including some long distance scampers seem possible )

    PRICE- After a slow start to his Pats career ( couldn't do the early OTA's due to a rediculous school graduating class rule ) Early reports out of Foxborough were that he shined . Impressive work ethic , combined with raw speed might see him blossom into somewhat of a field spreader before the season is over  ( Stalworth role ? ) He impressed his coaches at the Senior Bowl ... time will tell if he can get it done against NFL caliber talent . BIG UPSIDE .
         ( 2 or 3 tds ...with maybe a big bomb thrown in )

    PATTON - Knows the system and would probably be adequate if needed... basically vanilla wr and injury insurance ... probable late camp cut if others stay healthy .

    FARNHAM- Impressive , sure handed blue-collar type reciever . Would be great addition to practice squad until NFL chops develope or as an emergency injury replacement.

    CRUMPLER- Wide Load in short yardage and/or redzone situations where speed ( or lack of ) is negated by veteran guile . Perfect Vet to show the rooks the ropes .
    ( 3 or 4 tds seems likely ~ with a crunch time goal line game winner thrown in to boot )

    GRONKOWSKI- All Around solid athete , big body , unusually soft hands should be utilized from goaline to goaline. Tight end is historically a tough position for rookies to excel at , but he's got the goods to break the stereotype.
         ( 5 or 6 tds as he learns the ropes seems like a fair guess )

    HERNANDEZ - Smooth tweener is dangerous in the open field and should prove to be tough match-up for Linebackers when lined up in tight and a nickleback's nightmare when split out .
       ( 4 or 5 tds seem possible , depending on how he's used )

      Over all , even if one or two of the above don't pan out...
    I believe there's still tremendous depth at the receiver position ( unlike most notably in 2006 and 2009 ) and I would not be at all surprised if we return to the party -hearty , run -it-up early and often glory games of 2007 .

       Of course without a healthy Tom Brady the point is moot 

     ( Get that O-Line whipped into shape Dante ! )

    NOTE : Coincidentally , If you add up all the assigned Receiver Td totals ( taking the lower # of each ) , It adds up to ...
    51 !
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    Love your enthusiasm, I too like this group, and am a big fan of Price, but...

    He didn't shine at the Senior Bowl, if anything he hurt his stock there, reports were that he struggled to catch the ball all Senior Bowl week. Think he's gonna be a good one tho...
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    Hard to pick this group over the record setting one of 2007, but didn't we say the same thing about last year's WR corps? 

    I'll wait till I see them perform before I pass judgement on them.
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    I love the enthusiam of course and hope your right!  My only thought is, they Don't have a legit WR opposite Moss.  (Like D. Stallworth in 07)....I know folks will say, we have Tate but c'mon, he hasn't done a thing yet.  The Pats will need a number of these WR's (and atleast 1/2 of the rookie TE's) to pan out to even come close to 2007. 

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    I suppose all it says about me is that I am incredbly old when you say "Kooky" and I think of this guy.

    The Pats' receiving corps probably won't be as cool as 77 Sunset Strip, but they'll be good enough to get the job done if the O-Line can keep Brady upright for more than three or four seconds.

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    I believe that the WRs for the Pats are getting no love and I feel for em but heres my breakdown.

    Moss-Will play out of his mind this year and probably the last year we ever see him play like that and no I am not saying he wont be back next year I am just saying that I think his play after this year is going to decline big time. Moss is due for a stellar year.

    Welker-Wes is going to be Wes. My problem with this is though last year Tom seemed to depend on Wes a bit to much leading to the big play not opening up down field. 100 catches for Wes but I rather not see another a bunch of games where Welker has 15 catches a game.

    Edelman-Slot machine and I honestly think hes better at breaking tackles than Welker. He needs to put on weight to his fraile body though and he cant play outside of the slot. He averaged only 2 catches for 19 yards when he played on the outside last year. Dudes a monster in the waiting in PR and KR duties. 

    Brandon Tate- I dont know I just have that gut feeling that he will do really well. He has the home run ability you want from a WR, he had the offense down mid season as a rookie, and the fact Brady is saying good things about him is just great. Hes basically Hakeem Nicks and Percy Harvin into one except that he doesnt have Nicks strong hands.

    Torry Holt- I think he would be starting if Tate wasnt having such a stellar offseason. Joey Galloway was brought in here last year and the problem with him was the fact he couldnt run routes or catch. Torry Holts strengths are those and I am pretty positive he will make it onto this WR roster as Tates backup.

    Taylor Price- Reminds me of David Givens but a more shifty version of him smaller version of him his upside is high and Brady already has grown a liking to him and he could spell the end of Moss but lets not forget Chad Jackson.

    Sam Aiken- Solid WR who can really block but his route running is shotty, and his catching is sub par. Hes one heck of a player and him and Holt are going to be tough to decide who to cut.

    Overall I like these WRs and probably the best since 07 but really thats not saying much since the other WR groups we have had havent been really good in the past couple years. 
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    Russ, it's not a question who has had a better career (stallworth or Holt) - I'm pretty sure we ALL know the obvious answer to that one.  Holt of course!
    I made reference to Stallworth in 07 because he was opposite Moss that year and at that time he was a legit #1 wideout around that time (he was philly's their #1 with McNabb) and played very well.  I was excited when we got Stallworth b/c teams had to respect him opposite Moss and it drew coverage over away from Moss & others....(I know you already know all this).

    I just don't think right now, we (I hope I'm wrong!) have that big time WR opposite moss to have this offense click like it did in 07....(what this post was about).  I hope Holt / or Tate or whoever, opposite moss, does pull away some coverage to open up others such as Moss & Welker and the TE's!! Then yes, the offense could come close to 07!  But if teams aren't respecting that #2 WR - then they could find it tough versus certain teams.....that's all I'm saying. 

    I do agree with you with the Odds!  This is Brady's deepest pool of WR's & TE's! - If this pans out - then yes, watch out.  We also have to keep in mind, we had a stellar Defense in the years you referenced (01-06) as well.  This of course, helped our offense out tremendously. 

    In Response to Re: PATS 2010 RECEIVERS = BEST SQUAD EVER?:
    In Response to Re: PATS 2010 RECEIVERS = BEST SQUAD EVER? : WHo do you think has had the more professional and successful career, Donte Stallworth or Torry Holt? Outside of 2007, Brady has only had David Givens as a legitimate route running threat opposite say, a Deion Branch on another side, and neither were deep threats. If Edelman or Price can be a Givens or Gaffney type and Holt or Tate can be a quality route runner opposite Moss, they are in business to have that balance back and the upgrade in quality, aruably from the 2007 offense since Moss and Welker are now so in tune with the offense now. In fact, and I have said this before, I fully expect to see more plays from 2001-2006 implemented into games this year. Just as this is clearly their deepest group st Safety this season under BB, this is also Brady's deepest pool of targets in a camp at both WR and TE.  I agree we don't know how it pans out obviously, but if you look at the numbers of people competing at ONE spot that were known weaknesses recently, you have to really like the odds.
    Posted by russgriswold

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    It's way too early to guess whether this group is better or not, but one thing we can say definitively is that this group has more upside/potential. 
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    In Response to Re: PATS 2010 RECEIVERS = BEST SQUAD EVER?:
    Disagree with your assessment of the WR corps not being good the "last couple fi years".  In 2008, Cassel had Moss, Welker and Gaffney. That's easily a top 5, at worst, top 10 WR corps in the NFL in 2008. Last year, yes, I think it took a hit.
    Posted by russgriswold

    I think 07, 08 were easily the best years especially of just Bradys career even though he didnt play in 08. The depth with 08 was just bad and then that depth came to light in 09 and Bill fixed it in a jiffy. Last years especially towards the end there with Brady throwing passes to Slater to close the season was a bit sad. 

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     I have been really optimistic about this years receiving group. I think between Tate and Price one will turn out to be a steal. I'm betting on Price. I don't know what that guy meant when he said that Price hurt himself at the senior bowl, all the reports that I read was that the DB's couldn't stay with him. He only caught one ball in the game, but at the senior bowl for a wide receiver I put more stock in the practices than the game, when they are constantly shuffling players in and out.
     This year should be hands down the best tight end group Brady has ever had. I expect this group to create nightmare matchups for defenses. I think Gronkowski and Hernandez have unlimited potential. And Crumpler appears to finally be in good shape after spending 6 weeks with Mackie Shilstone. I also expect good things from him.
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    In Response to Re: PATS 2010 RECEIVERS = BEST SQUAD EVER?:
    I would like to add a Goal Line Option---Vollmer They should try him out as a reporting Tackle Eligible Receiver on the Goal Line like Vrabel used to do. He was a soccer player and a swimmer. He is athletic, the way he handled Freeney last year. Can you imagine having Goal Line options at 6'6" (Gronkowski), 6' + (Moss), and 6'8" Vollmer, along with Holt and  Welker. Tom, just learn to throw them high, they can't be defended by small corners. Let's see Revis try to take a ball away from the SeaBass, OUCH!!
    Posted by BERNIENH

    I thought the Pat's were going to do this last year. Vollmer came to Univ of Houston as a tight end. Maybe they didn't want to throw too much at him at once.
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    I think it was either BB or Tuna that said "let's hold off carving their bust(s) (for the HOF) just now".
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    Were in big trouble, not very good at wr. not the same as the 3 rings we have. Were not the same team anymore.  :o(      Your just wishing 4 the best,but we no the reality.
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    In Response to Re: PATS 2010 RECEIVERS = BEST SQUAD EVER?:
    Yup, I hear ya.  I just think Holt is easily a version/threat like Stallworth was because he's such a pro and can still clearly play, as we saw with last year's production in Jax.  You have to remember, that after Week 8 in Dallas in 2007, Stallworth got less and less looks and was really nothing more than a decoy the rest of the year, and there was nothing wrong with that.  Which is why the Gaffney role, which in my opinion will be Edelman's, and it's such an important piece to the team which compounded the problems last year and why Matt Cassel had more to work with in 2008 than Brady did in 2009. We agree.  The concept should be a quality decoy opposite Moss because it's enough to be a legit threat. What has me giddy is quality additions like Edelman in his second year who knows slot routes now and can be used as a 4th WR in spread sets against teams with weak depth in the secondary. Also, you could lineup Hernandez in the backfield as a blocker and a check down option in this kind of a formation.  Or, you just go with the 3 tradtional WR formation with play action and one TE and a Kevin Faulk. This alignment alone will be improved from last year.  It has to be. It can't be worse. What is scary about this is, Hernandez can run past LBs.   He's something the team has never really had.  Watson showed signs of being the fast, athletic pass catching TE, but he was always dinged up, hurt outright and couldn't be counted on. The flanker spot opposite Moss is definitley a big deal, but this depth could be crazy good elsewhere if things progress they way they can with this personnel.
    Posted by russgriswold

    I agree with you Russ with alot of your points here! I am excited too about Hernandez and hope of course he can sorta a Dallas Clark type of TE for the Pats!  I hate to drop Clarks' name here but Hernandez reminds me of him when he played @ U of Fla. So we'll see, he is still a rookie.

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    The Patriots' offense is the poster child of the pass-happy style adopted by many other teams in the league. As such, there's a high premium on the receivers.

    The position battles at receiver will be a top story in New England during OTAs and training camp.

    With 12 receivers currently on the roster, there will be at least five who end up disappointed by the beginning of the 2010 season.

    Randy Moss is locked in as the team's No. 1 starter. The best deep threat in the AFC East is in a contract year, so expect big things from the big-time receiver.

    It's no secret that Wes Welker is the No. 2 guy in the offense (or No. 1, even, depending on how you look at it). But we all know about the knee injury that will keep him out of action for at least the first few weeks of the season, if not a lot longer.

    Someone (or a combination thereof) will have to step up mightily to fill the void left by Wes Welker until his return, whenever that may be.

    Those third and fourth receiver positions will probably be filled by committee, but here are my predictions for who will earn the most playing time in 2010.

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    i think they have more depth than 2007. i hope Moss doesn't lay an egg
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    Hey MaritimePatsFan  ,
      Yah when I took my Wr td total guesses I realized that the Rbs would probably turn a few swing passes into tds  and No  I don't actually expect Brady to throw 50-60 tds . In fact I'd prefer to see the pass offence more balanced with the running game ( less chances for Brady to get beat up ) but the fact is todays NFL tends to resemble Air Coryell much more than 4 yards and a cloud of dust
       I think its one of the reasons a team like the Ravens , who succesfully utilize their running game , may turn out to be the team to beat his year .
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    Very early , but what the hell , thats what we're here for isnt it? I expect a bomb year from Moss and it has absolutely nothing to do w/ contract. Moss is getting paid next year , w/ or w/out us. This isnt up for debate. He had a great year last year and played hurt almost the entire year. And he looked very good at times , a healthy Moss is the key , not because he's in a contract year. This guy is motivated to kick azz to show that hes still a top 5 WR and he is. Id take the next 3 years from Moss over Megatron all day! If people watched the game instead of just listening to Stu Scott on sportscenter , then like me , they would have seen him out play Revis in that first game. 12 was knocked around all day and hit 21 times. Moss beat him off the line and had steps more than a couple times. Again a healthy Moss that wants to prove to the world hes still a top dog is dangerous. I absolutely love the pick up Holt and think hes a top 10 WR of all time. He runs some great routes and is second to none on timing routes. He runs some great dig routes , stop n go and crossing patterns. Im predicting a 1000 yards or very close , I could see him w/ 850-900/7-9 TDs. I think both TEs will have around 400 yards and think Edelman can fill in for Wes and be just as good. Edelman is faster and quicker w/ just as many moves. He just needs to become more comfortable and get his timing down w/ 12. And when Wes does come back , lookout. Im sure everyone has seen him working out in shorts , yea it shorts , but he looks great given everything hes been through in the last 7-8 months. Im as optimistic about this up and coming year as I have been about any. Pats fans need to stop and take a deep breath. Who gives a chit what ranking ESPN has them at ... seriously who cares what Rex Ryan or LT says. We have as good a team and talented a team as any. And I have always believed that a strong schedule is great for good teams. Teams still get amped to play the Pats and if we can deal w/ Green Bay , Minnesota , Ravens , Indy etc then we can deal w/ anyone! GO PATS!!!
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    Captin' , the Ravens are hoping and counting on their passing game to get them to the next level. I can see Joe Flacs throwing for 28-30TDs and passing for over 4000 yards. Yea the Saints and Indy had balenced attacks , more so Saints then Colts. But they both counted on their passing games to put 6 on the board. And I think the Pats should absolutely strive to become a more balenced team , but lets not BS here. Its our passing attack that is putting 6 on the board and we shouldnt forget that. 
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    Good points ONE TIME .

    As far as Ravens & upping their passing prowess goes...
    No Doubt .

    Flacco 's got new toys.

     I HATED their Bolden aquisition
    ( for us Pats fans )

     Signing Stalworth should provide dividends
    (though I've never considered him elite )

     Resigning Mason was huge as he might be one of the most underated wrs in the history of the NFL .

    Finally  , the Ravens got lucky with having a 2010 draft class laden with quality Te's prospects.
     Dickson and Pitta should take the load off Heap in the near future.

    ( Should be interesting to compare their careers with the Pats Gronk / Hernandez )
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    In Response to Re: PATS 2010 RECEIVERS = BEST SQUAD EVER?:
    Noise - just remember that Clark was in the league for about 3 years before anyone really noticed or cared. 
    Posted by underdoggggg

    totally understand!  your making my point...:) 

    I'll I mentioned, he (gonzalez) shows signs of it in college that reminded me of Clark when clark was in college.....Now, if only Gonzalez, can 'translate' it on the NFL level now...we'll see...but like you said, going to take time. Still a rookie!
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    soooo Brady will break his previous record of 50 passing touchdowns with 60 touchdowns this season? i'm not trying to knock on your excitement and confidence in this years receiving corps but let's not get too full of ourselves. we said the same thing about Joey galloway last year as we are this year with Torry Holt although i do believe Holt will make it past week 6 because of his leadership and crisp route running. let's just hope and pray welker does return to full health, even if that means putting him on the PUP and letting edelman control the slot for the first 6 weeks. i'm also expecting solid production from Price but at the same time containing my excitement because he's a rookie. give him a couple of years in this system and this kid is going to be special. i also believe Tate will contribute on the offensive side of the ball this year and not just on special teams. health is going to play a huge factor in determining whether this corps has a successful or a disappointing season.
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    Best ever? Sure, why not.  Let's give them the Nobel peace prize too.