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Pats 2013 Schedule

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    Pats 2013 Schedule

    I was sitting here looking at the schedule and from what I can tell theres only 4 playoff teams the Pats play.Most of the teams had losing records last season.

    On the plus side of this weak schdule it will give them time to work out issues early and get ready for the payoffs.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Re: Pats 2013 Schedule

    Pats don't take any games lightly, but they do start off slow to begin the season. Unless Gronk is 100% cleared and ready to go I don't see how they take him off the PUP list until week 8. Which is against the Dolphins and then the Steelers are next week. So I could see him used very lightly those 2 games and then the bye week in week 10 will give him even more rest and time to ramp up his activity with the team. This offense will be different then what he was used to his first 3 years and those 3 weeks of added rest could benefit him to get into the groove of things. The Falcons at week 4 and Saints at week 6 will be the toughest matchups. I am not sure our defense will be quite ready to hang with those highpower teams. After that is the Broncos and Ravens as tough games; as I think we own the Texans mentally.

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    Re: Pats 2013 Schedule

    I wouldn't call it a weak schedule but it's not a tough schedule either. Their opponents record from last year is 130-126. They play 5 playoff teams, Ravens, Bengals, Falcons, Broncos and Texans.

    Their 1st 3 games should be wins, @Bills, Jets, Bucs. It then gets tougher, @Falcons, @Bengals, Saints. A 4-2 start or even 3-3 wouldn't really concern me. The Patriots always play their best football after Thanksgiving.

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    Re: Pats 2013 Schedule

    I count 5 (Falcons, Bengals, Broncos, Texans, Ravens).

    The really ease of the schedule comes from the fact that no one in the AFC East will challenge them for the Division. I think that anything worse that 5-1 in the division will be a bit of a disappointment.

    Of the non-playoff teams, the Steelers were 8-8, and the Phins, Bucs, Panthers and Saints were all 7-9 so it is not like they were terrible. 

    The plus side is that the toughest part of the schedule comes late after they will have figure some stuff out (the Broncos, Texans and Ravens come between weeks 12 and 16).