PATS are +20 in turnover war, #2 in the NFL!

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    Re: PATS are +20 in turnover war, #2 in the NFL!

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    Take all the shots you want against the defense but they are creating turnovers at an unbelievable rate. in my opinion, the vrabel like nink should be a pro bowl nominee just based on the key turnovers he creates in every other game! the bears are #1 and they have been on a legendary streak, i dont know if we can continue this in the playoffs but it should be enough against the sanchez!

    They still need to do a better job of getting off the field on 3rd down. If they continue to give up 1st downs on at a 45% rate on 3rd down they will not make it far in the playoffs.

    Only if they don't get any turnovers...

    Last Super Bowl we made them fumble three times and didn't recover any of them.  If we had, all anyone would be talking about is what a masterful job Belichick did with a "terrible" defense and the D would have been the hero of the day because the offense didnt do squat.

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