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Pats are making QBs pay

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    Pats are making QBs pay

    one thing understated and a likely saving grace for the defense so far is the pressure the defensive line is consistently putting on QBs. They have managed 20 hits on the QB, led by mike wright with 5 (burgess only has one). Pats are in the middle or bottom of most key defensive stat areas like in having ONLY one interception all year (last game with bodden) and AGAIN not being able to get off the field on third down.  Hits are in many ways a better measure than sacks. about consistency. it throws off timing, forces QB, coach and offensive line to make severe adjustments and check-downs. pats are ranked fourth in this area in the entire league.
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    That is what the Jets did to Brady, rush to him, bump into him with their arms and knock him down , over and over.  Don't get roughing the passer calls, but it definitely affects the quarterback.  I hope the Pats continue to be agressive in the Denver game.