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Pats culture

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    Re: Pats culture

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    I think something needs to change with the culture, i mean i love that we r a respectful franchise but no one ever has fire in their eyes no one and thats what the jets had fire and swagger we need that some how we need to get with the now, none of our players besides brady and wilfork scare anybody we need more leadership, some swagger and someone to light a fire under everyone and a defensive player that can scare an entire team
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    I agree about the defensive player part, but team don't go 14-2 or 16-0 in the regular season without competitive fire.

    They've just had the bad timing to make mistakes in the playoffs after not doing it in the regular season. Them's the breaks.
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    Re: Pats culture

    i get what ur saying dude but idk nobody was ready to step up and make a play i feel it was lack of the big play threat and bad play calling