Pats D, playoff turnaround?

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    Its definitly possible.  Guys have been getting hurt and I like what I'm seeing from other guys stepping up. Here's a thought (sorry to hi-jack your thread bro) Ochocino could be the X-factor in the playoffs.... Please hear me out: Ok, I think all of us would agree not to put anything past BB.  What if (and I mean a BIG what if). This whole Ochocinco "bust" has been a plan all along? BB is no doubt the best coach ever.  3 SB's and all kinds of playoffs wins.  But lets face it, the NFL is a copy-cat league and other coaches have figured him out some (hey, its gonna happen).  What if he has this plan to make Ocho look like he is washed up? Think about it for a second.  Most of the TB and Ocho missques that I can remember were on 1st or second downs, etc (he did have that dropped pass against Buffalo though).  But have you noticed that Ocho has had some big 3rd down catches? When they really needed it?  I thought he played a great game when he HAD to come in for Branch. Lets say the Pats draw the Steelers in the 1st round.  Palamalu wouldn't help out covering Ocho because everyone knows Brady never really targets him, etc.  But if that was the plan all along, now you have this Pro-Bowl WR out there burning everyone left and right.  We all know what Ocho can do and has done with Cincy.  Now teams would have to scramble to change their game plan on the Pats. I've been reading how hard Ocho plays in practice, etc, etc and asked myself "how does this not translate to the field?"  Maybe this is why?  Like I said, I know it sounds crazy, but if Ocho come out flying in the playoffs I will say this - I will NOT be surprised one bit, and if ever find out years down the road that it was BB who orchestrated the whole plot... again, I would not be surprised. Thanks.
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    I like it, doubt it, but I like it
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    Re: Pats D, playoff turnaround?

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    I just made an observation about our defense, it's not like we have a defense that can step up and win a game for us single handedly. If they pulled off a turnaround like the 06 Colts I would be damn impressed and feel very good about winning the SB. I trust our offense to play big in the playoffs more than anything. Sure the offense is not perfect but our defense is what needs the turn around if we plan on stopping teams like Pitt and Balt.
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    well, there have been some timely turnovers by other teams, and some takeaways that the Patriots D have created...