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    In Response to Re: PATS DRAFT GRADE : VOTE:
    HUGE D! We had 5 needs.  DE, OLB, OT, OG.  DE - This was an essential need. Wilfork can't work the line by himself, god forbid he gets injured. We would be fcuking screwed!   OLB - We had such an awful pass-rush last season that we made every single QB look like a FHOF. We were ranked 30th in the league in terms of passing yards allowed and if I could find the stat for how many seconds QBs were allowed in the pocket I guarantee that we'll be at the bottom of the list.  OT - Light is overpaid and not as great as he once was. Fine, Solder is fine. Good job.  OG - Neal's retiring, can we get a replacement? No? Okay, I guess we still have Connolly. 
    Posted by 49Patriots

    Did you give McCourty a huge D last year? Truth be told most didn't like the pick, but it turned out pretty good!

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    In Response to Re: PATS DRAFT GRADE : VOTE:
    I was frustrated andf angry during the draft. As I thought about it... and talked about it, I got perspective on what they had done rather than what they hadnt and the importance of what they had done. After sleeping on it I beleive it was in fact a very good draft. Very good. I am still very uncomfortable with the pass rush. But... 1. With three RBs retiring or about to retire 2. A feature RB who has a yardage expiration of 7-9 yards and so Ds need not fear being burned by the run and could t-off on TB 3. An aging OLT who is having trouble now with the best speed rushers (this is CRITICAL issue. Even more than our pass rush because it both dimishes our BIG advantasge of having TB and endangers his health) 4. A budding set of DB but no one really built and with the skills to cover the elite BIG WRs more frequently being used in the league 5. Only 2 sure CBs and 2 more (Arrington and Butler) who may continue to develop but you need to be able to put 3 definite quality CBs on the field at any one time All the above are actually very significant issues. They filled ALL of the above. AND... they added a 1st round pick next year. That is a big deal. It is why the shelf life of BB treams is not the league norm of 3-5 years. And then they added a second round pick! A 1st AND a 2nd.... You gotta love that... If you rally think on it.. you gotta love that.... You WILL next draft if you do not now! OH, and just to add a BIG potential for a BIG home run they got Mallett. Now he may not end up being great. But he might. He has maybe the strongest arm in the draft. And he will have the chance to learn under BB and TB. You saw what they could do with tutoring Cassel. Imagine what they can do with a top flight arm. No sure thing. But he could be a 3rd round pick worth a couple of first or even more. He could be an All Pro QB here when Brady retires. So you cant write this pick off. So what they did was huge. Not just good. HUGE. What they didnt do was address the pass rush.. The one thing most everyone expected and hoped for. But grading this should not be whether BB lived up to any specific expectsation. Hey, I was hoping we could get Cameron Jordan and he actually fell to us!!! I was hoping we could get Reed and we could have taken him at the top of round 2. I was hoping we would get an OL - or Ingram or Leshore and we could have at 28. And still taken an OL with our last pick in round 2. All that turned out to be possible and would have been beyond anything I imagined we might actually do. BUT.... BUT the grade is not about how close he came to what I would have done but how well he did going his own way. His own way. How did he help the team? How much, in what ways, are those critical? Yes to all. And an A if you include everything they came away with (including the QB and the two picks next year). An A.  In retrospect, and until the players prove to be booms or busts, I really cant see how you can grade BB lower. Only if you grade him on how close he was to who you personally would have taken. But not on how well he did going his own way.
    Posted by portfolio1

    AMEN! Your analysis is well thought out and spot on.

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    C-. With young running backs we could see more scheme versatility (eg: slighty more touches for the RBs). Does Solder go to RT and Vollmer move to LT ? Does BB have his eye on a free agent acquisition when the labor dispute is settled ? I  have to assume that Wilhite, Wheatley and Butler are not working out, thus making drafting Dowling a viable selection. Like most I am slightly disappointed about OLB not being addressed. A rush LB would have helped a great deal. I am guessing that this draft is only one part of the whole picture (free agency and camp cuts being to of the other parts). I like two firsts in 2012,however, unless Drew Brees and Will Smith are murdered on the way to the Superdome I expect both those picks to be in the 22-32 range.
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    So far? B

    Solder is smart, hard working, athletic and determined to be a great NFL player. Don't discount him being used as an eligible receiver in the red zone either. He has a 32" vertical jump. He is a converted TE. Remember Vrabel and how BB used him. If you can catch the ball, he'll use you. 

    Imagine all 6'9" of him lined up beside 6'6" Gronkowski near the goal line? I can. 

    I like the RB picks a lot. As a backup to Jahvid Best , Vereen stepped in and led the team with 952 yards on 183 carries for a 5.2  average. He has good hands too. 

    Stevan Ridley is my kind of runner. He can wear defenses down. Big and strong noth/south runner. I love the fact we will have fresh legs (and with no injury histories as far as I can tell) with ALL of our backs. Faulk, Taylor and Morris appear to be gone. If so, we have 4 backs that can be the new RBBC for the Patriots. Bring in BJGE for a series. Then bring in Ridley. Then Best and Danny in the BF. Then back again to BJGE and Ridley together. The sum is greater than the whole of it's parts here. Having a better running game to soften up the defenses and allow your passing game to open up more translates to more time on the field for the offense. It keeps our defense fresh. I hope Ridley and Vereen indeed make the cut and can step right into our offense. Factor in Nate Solder now and you can see how our offense is scary good. We just got a glimpse of Aaron Hernandez last year. Gronkowski will be better too. We have TE tandem that has size and open field moves. We have 4 RB's that, if all goes well, will be a joy to watch. We have Solder who has Brady's back side (Matt LIght is lucky Brady is uninjured, he let quite a few unload on Tom). 

    Mallett? If NE felt they could deal with him and liked what they saw? Who am I to disagree? He certainly has the size and ability. We have the luxury of letting him watch Tom from the sidelines for a few years. If he grows up and takes his role seriously, look out. 

    A "B" but there are more picks. Who on earth knows who we could pick up now? You never know. 

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    In Response to Re: PATS DRAFT GRADE : VOTE:
    If you are going to use TWO picks to try and solve RB problem - WHY NOT JUST TAKE INGRAM rather than trade to NO?  Just a stupid move by BB. This draft gets a grade of D.
    Posted by Schumpeters-Ghost

    Ingram has issues with his knee, injury & early stages of arthtritis, & that proably scared off more than one team. None of the players drafted has any NFL experience, so college skill doesn't translate here until they show what they got on the field in the pros. Look at Ron Dayne. Great college runner, won the Heisamn, was a bust in the NFL. You could sneeze & knock him down in the NFL, but in college he ran over people. You never know how a player is going to turn out, only time will tell.
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    Height & Weight:

    6'6 - 350 lbs.

    Ranked #80 on our">Top 100 Prospects Board


    NFL Combine Results

    40-Yard Dash


    Bench press


    Vertical jump


    Broad jump


    Three-cone drill


    20-yard shuttle




    2011 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

    Marcus Cannon, OT, TCU

    When any college football fan thinks about TCU, it is their defense that comes to mind first…and rightfully so. However, the Horned Frogs did not go to a BCS Bowl in 2009 and are eyeing another one this season just because of their defense. The offense may not be dynamic, but they are smart and control the game. In order to do that, TCU relies very heavily on their offensive line and nobody in purple is more important to the offensive line than tackle Marcus Cannon.

    After serving as a backup as a redshirt freshman in 2007, Cannon stepped into a starting role at right tackle in 2008. He was often a very dominant player and saved his best outing for the Poinsettia Bowl against Boise State. By 2009, Cannon took over just about every game; he did not allow a sack all season and went up against some very good defensive ends. Cannon made the move to left tackle in 2010 and he could play either spot at the next level.

    At 6-6 and 350 pounds, Cannon is a big lineman who has enough athleticism to move his feet and stop the more nimble ends. Cannon could sneak into the first round, but he is more likely a second or third round selection at this point. Yet, for a second or third rounder, he is a very polished blocker who has the ability to immediately help any NFL team.


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    Cannon is a GREAT pick!
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    C -

    For me its not who they drafted, but who they passed on.  I wasnt reading any huge nate solder fans on this draft board before the draft.  now that we drafted him im hearing he's the best OT in the draft.  He's the biggest... he has a good ceiling.. but Anthony castonzo I thought was the best OT on the board and we passed.  We passed on Cam Jordan, we passed on moving up for Quinn and Fairley who fell well within our range.  We passed on Mark Ingram.. we passed on Mikel Leshoure.. Daniel Thomas...

    Im mad now, but who knows.. maybe everyone in the entire world is crazy and the pats just know that all those guys will be busts and their Stevan Ridley is going to be the next best thing sense sliced bread.  Whatever...
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    The draft is decent, a solid B. OLB still needs to be addressed so hopefully get something today and/or use FA to help.
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    Belichick should be fired, Kraft must be angry, at least-----------
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    In Response to Re: PATS DRAFT GRADE : VOTE:
    Belichick should be fired, Kraft must be angry, at least-----------
    Posted by jjaycee

    Surely you jest. 
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    Total F, Bellichick has not won a single playoff game in years!!! Defensive
    front seven is our weakness. He will regret not drafting Cameron Jordan out of
    Cal! Most insane draft ever for Patriots to draft offense when we need help on
    defensive front seven and a pass rusher in a draft that took more defensive lineman than any other in first round. CRAZY, INSANE, BIZARRE do not do justice to what transpired. Bellichick has become an offensive minded coach who ignores defense.
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    Belichick has made things happen year after year. 2001 was one of the greatest coaching jobs in the history of the NFL! The year Brady goes down Belichick plugs in Cassel and the Pats go 11-5. Last season I thought the Pats would be 8-8. They ended up 14-2. 

    As for the Patriots, the one thing that really concerns me is time. Brady is getting older and Belichick is no kid. How many more years do these guys have? Belichick keeps flipping high round picks for more picks next year. Will he be coaching the team three years from now? Will Brady be the same QB at 37? 
    Doubt it. 

    The 2011 draft: solder looks like a good pick. The 33rd pick CB looks very athletic but I'm growing tired of players who are always injured. I like the RB from Cal! He could be the best pick of the bunch. The Razorback QB could be a bargain in the 3rd. I'm pulling for the Olineman we picked in the 5th round. I hope he gets through Chemo ok! 

    I still feel the Pats needed a pass rusher! Lets hope next season we don't see Peyton Manning standing in the pocket with plenty of time to throw to Reggie Wayne. Nobody touching the guy. Perhaps the Pats will swing a deal in free Agency or make a big trade. 
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    Re: PATS DRAFT GRADE : VOTE">pats_cheerleaders2011.jpg

    Good draft. At least a B
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    In Response to Re: PATS DRAFT GRADE : VOTE:
    I'd give it a C...after calming down a bit. Let's say they hit on the tackle and corner...that would be huge. I'm not saying they will, because we have missed on so many corners over the last 5 years, that I'm not confident in the least. As for the tackle, it seams like a safe position (not as many busts when taken that high). The backs were reaches, and they could of gotten at least one of them later on. No help in the front seven, what so ever!! The problem I have with this draft is we talk about how set up for the future they are with these things and they come away with this? Makes me not look forward to the next one, because we will just deem the players available not worthy of our selection and trade into the next year again.  
    Posted by mthurl

    I know what you are saying, but look at it this way.  The Pats went into this draft with 2 1sts, 2 2nds and 2 3rds.  They took 1 1st rounder, 2 2nd rounders, and 2 3rd rounders (73 & 74, instead of 74 & 92).  out of the 6 possible picks from original positions, BB drafted 5 and picked up an extra 1st & 2nd round picks.  I might disagree with BB not getting an OLB (passrusher) or a DE, but he hid come away with 2 really good picks (Solder and Dowling), 2 potential good picks (Vereen & Mallett), and a power RB.  Also Cannon as a 5th rounder, when he fully recovers could be a great draft pick!  We fans, wanted him, or an OG like him, and we got him!  He probally will go on the PUP this year, but next year this OL will be great again!  Mallett could be a future 1st rounder in 3 years too.
    So, all in all, it was a very good draft, just not what us fans wanted.