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    and the trade outs is why we lose superbowls. 
    Posted by getdrunkstupit

    and tradeouts are why we make it to Super Bowls
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    Kenny Rodgers may have said it best.

    ( see the Gambler )
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     We know it's coming . The Pats are on the clock. The minutes are ticking away and finally GODell steps up to the mic. " We have a trade .The New England Patriots trade the ____ pick in the 2012 draft to the  _____ . "  I've been looking at the other 31 teams  to see if there's a possible match (Actually 30 teams cuz the Jets & Pats are NOT gettin a deal done this century)  Accurately predicting who the enigmatic Pats will deal with is next to impossible but I think I've identified a few potential trade partners. Here's the Pats draft picks : New England Patriots : 1-27 , 1-31, 2-16 , 2-31, 3-31, 4-31 St. Louis might be a good fit.  They have a new regime in town and sometimes newbies get impatient  ( see Josh McD in Denver ) Here's the Rams picks :   St. Louis Rams : 1-6 from Washington, 2-1, 2-7 from Washington, 3-2, 4-1, 6-1, 7-2, 7-45 (compensatory)   I bet BB covets the Rams pick # 33 ( 1st selection of day two ) and considering the Rams also own pick # 39 , I could see new GM Les Snead being ok with parting with it should a coveted player still be on the board near the end of round 1 ....maybe a wr for Bradford ?   Even if the Patriots just traded their # 31 for the Rams # 33 and in return only got a swap of 4ths - the Pats would be moving up almost a full round for moving back two spots. More importantly , as we all know NFL teams use the break in the action between rounds to reset their boards - making that #33 pick all the more valuable * Another potential partner could be the Falcons . Atlanta Falcons : 2-23, 3-22, 5-22, 6-23, 7-22, 7-42 (compensatory) They dont have a 1st ( 2011 Julio Jones trade ) and might just get antsy waiting 55 picks to finally make their first selection ( BB and GM Demetroff are tight too ) We all know BB loves to get his hands on future 1st rounders . Pats #31 for Falcons #55 and a 2013 First ? ( This would mirror the 2011 Saints Trade )   Another team that might want to get in on the Pats trade action while being forced to wait their turn is the Cardinals .  They don't have a 2nd rounder ( Kolb trade ) and with the Pats holding two 2nds ( picks 16 and 31 of the round ) Arizona might come knocking .   Arizona Cardinals : 1-13, 3-18, 4-17, 5-16, 6-7, 6-15, 7-14  Conversely - This might be a year when BB goes the other way and moves up in the draft. Enter the Cleveland Browns. The Browns cupboards may be bare roster-wise but they're stacked when it comes to 2012 draft picks. Mike Holmgren is a veteren GM who likely wouldn't be afraid to trade back. Word is they want out of the #4 pick .   Personally I dont see BB expending the kind of draft capitol it would take to reach that high , however I could envision him jumping up a few notches from the Pats #27 to the Browns second 1st rounder pick #21 - should the right prospect fall . Cleveland Browns : 1-4, 1-22 from Atlanta, 2-5, 3-4, 4-5, 4-23 from Atlanta, 5-4, 5-25 from Denver, 6-5, 6-35 (compensatory), 6-36 (compensatory), 7-4, 7-38 (compensatory), 7-40 (compensatory) * It should be noted that in 2011 BB threw us a curve ball by not trading the # 33 pick , instead selecting the injury prone Ras-I Dowling .  It was reported at the time that the Cards were interested in selecting Andy Dalton with the pick but wouldn't meet BB's asking price of a 2nd and a 2012 second.   Ironically a few months after the draft the Cards traded that 2012 2nd rounder and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to the Eagles for Kevin Kolb -who they then shelled out 63 mil for 5 years they're kicking themselves now for not bowing to BB's wishes . Andy Dalton ( 4 years - 5.2 million )
    Posted by CaptnFoxboro

         Good thought regarding Atlanta as a possible trading partner.