Im reading that we should trade for a wide reciever, then trade for a running back, then trade for a Tom Brady relacement... Let's break this thing down pleaseeeee...
What we need to trade for is a PUNTER and I will show you why!
We dont need a quaterback, Tom will snap outta his funk and start throwing the long ball, right into every one elses hands. We dont need a running back. We have Laurence Maroney, hes awsome and a stud! He just gets over excited when they hand him the ball and then hes gotta go pe pe! so he dances a little! We dont need a reciever, we have Joey Galloway running and waiting for the ball except for where its thrown.
the problem is the idiot we have for a punter cant get it to drop at the 5 yard line when he kicks it. THis helps the other team score points against us and then we lose.
So its obvious all we need is a punter, so if we cant get one by the trade deadline then Bellicheck needs to use that first round draft pick to get the best kicker from high school, dont make him wait 4 years in college! Now, am I right or am I right, huh? yeah baby!