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Power rankings are irrelevant. Who wants to be king of the regular season. 

Hate to say it, but looks like the Colts got themselves a QB. That said I'm not concerned about them this year. Next year and onward, however...


They have some serious age issues. Freeney, Mathis, Bethea, Reggie Wayne. They're years away because of limited player development due to botched drafts in recent years.  They did a good job clearing out Manning's salary, tanking the season and going for Luck (I would have done the same thing), but Polian's poor dratfs will be a problem.

We'll see if they spend in FA quickly or show patience and build wisely.    THat new GM has to nail these upcoming drafts so they can build youth around Luck. It won't be easy.


(I would have done the same thing)....?   Scully dude, don't say it.  You're not a tanking loser cheating skank like polian... C'mon man