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In Response to Re: Pats in 2009: SB Champs : IT WAS A JOKE!!!!!!!! Go read the post again. Maroney for Reggie Wayne?!?!?!?!? Do you think I'm an R=tard drooling on myself????
Posted by Caesar1177

After today's game, I am sure you are drooling all over yourself.  Superbowl team?  A little premature don't you think?  Try winning a road game first.  This year 4 wins at home, 2 losses on the road.  At this rate I see 8-8.  I know, maybe they will be the first .500 team to win the Superbowl.  Sure, today's win was very impressive, against an aging winless team.  

The Pats only have 4 more home games.  Lets assume those are wins.  That puts them at 8-2.  Now for the road games.  At Tampa (0-6); at Indy (5-0); at New Orleans (5-0); at Miami (2-3); at Buffalo (2-4); and at Houston (3-3).  I will give you Tampa, however, the others could be very interesting.  I see losses in at New Orleans and Indy.  One more in the remaining 4 puts them at .500 for the remaining 6.  If they play .500 on the road the rest of the year, that will give them an 11-5 record.  Didn't the Pats miss the playoffs last year with a 11-5 record?  Look, I am not trying to rain on anyone's parade.  I am just trying to keep it realistic and say that it is to early to be calling for a 12-4 record and a Superbowl victory. 

Finally, are you a special needs person?  Just asking since you are acting like one with your childish remark in your post.  Wait, I must apologise.  No not to you.  To all the Special needs people out there for comparing them to you.