Pats in better position then Denver

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    Re: Pats in better position then Denver

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    UD...will they make it past their first playoff game? who do you guess they will play?

    I don't expect SD to get past the bengals and although the colts have beaten KC and are playing at home, I only give the colts an even chance of winning.  so I think the broncos will play either Indy or KC. 

    Interesting here.  They say its difficult to beat a team 3 times in a year which is what they would have to do if they got KC.  On the other hand, Indy beat Denver, so I don't know. 

    I am going to play hopeful homer and guess that Denver will play Indy.

    Appreciate the response..You think Indy but you are unsure if Denver/Manning can beat them correct?

    Not really - I think KC is probably the better team than Indy, but I am hopeful Indy will win.  It is at home.  If Indy plays Denver, I am not sure Indy can beat them - although they did earlier in the year.  That said - if KC gets to Denver, I think KC has a good chance to beat Denver. 

    On the other side of the Bracket, I am not sure SD is that good.  I think they play hard (maybe like Indy).  That said, I think the Bengals give the Pats a tough game. 

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    Re: Pats in better position then Denver

    If Andy Dalton pulls his postseason deer-in-the-headlights act again, San Diego will take them out and then go to Denver with a real shot at winning. Then if the Pats have made it that far, we would get to face a warm weather team on their 4th straight road game. 

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    Re: Pats in better position then Denver

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    This "strength of schedule" stuff is funnie than The People being mad as hell about the US Congress, and yet keeps electing the same yahoos. Hollyweird can't make this stuff up!!

    NFL schedules, except for TWO games a year, are already pre-determined years in advance....



    AZ, what makes discussions even funnier is when one uses the "strength of schedule" argument as a way to demean the current season's results as if the team had control of the schedule like a college team does.  Is it the Pats fault the AFC East hardly presents a challenge, yet each team in that division has the same opportunity to build a winning team,  why the Pats and not them?  There are very few NFL teams which can go from one season to the next and still be a force in the league.  The Pats have always been near or at the top each season since 2001 while others go up and down like yoyos.   The fact the Packers, with 4 consecutive seasons with a winning record, while the Pats are at 13, is proof.


    I'll agree 1000% that the Pats do this better than anyone else today. But, please! This "strength of schedule" pap needs to stop. As I asked, what determines this "strength"? We hear it when the final scheduled teams comes out (by that time we'll know who the other 2 teams are). We hear it during the season when a rival team does exceedingly well, and the Pats stumble a bit. We hear it later on when the Pats FINALLY beat a no doubt, viable playoff contending team. Then, it mysteriously disappears when the final year end stats are in, and we find the Pats opponents have a low winning percentage, but then it's excused away. Why not just leave it alone?  

    I heard Coughlin's "excuse" for not winning this season.... it's a parity league by design and it's very difficult to keep winning year after year. Then, for giggles and grins, he asks if anyone remembered 2011. What a freaking joke!!!!!! Only a NY based head coach would come up with something as dumb as that comment! Sadly, though, he may be the best HC in the state. 

    Can you imagine the grief BB would come under, NATIONWIDE, if he asked if anyone in the room remembered the early 2000's? It'll give the national media hores a field day of tingles running up and down their legs!  The'd have to get new panties! 

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    Re: Pats in better position then Denver

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    The donkeys lost to 3 of the 4 AFC playoff teams they played this year.


    The Broncos beat Philly, San Diego once, and KC twice.  Not sure what info you are looking at...


    that was  early of the season when they beat San Diego. San Diego beat them.

    Both  previous conference games were close. by a touchdown.

    I do believe that San Diego will beat the KC.  People forgot about Philip Rivers.


    Here's someone "qualifying" what a win vs a playoff team is!!!!! OK, I'll play your game.....  Which is LESS important to accept for this rule, as far as the Patriots go? Games 5 (loss to Bengals) & 6 (win vs Saints), or the travesty of games 11 (loss to Panthers) & 12 (win vs Brokebcks)? Go ahead, Sparky.........

    (Don't forget to factor in the Pats two losses in their division to NON playoff teams.)  

    Just stop it before you look even more ridiculous!