Pats in the tank--waiting for next year.

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    Re: Pats in the tank--waiting for next year.

    In Response to Re: Pats in the tank--waiting for next year.:
    In Response to Re: Pats in the tank--waiting for next year. : I don't know how "ironic" this obvious sarcasm was, but the point is well taken. Now, a guy who can't accurately identify irony busting another guy's balls for being unable to identify irony . . . that actually IS ironic.
    Posted by p-mike

    Or we could just refer to the actual definition of ironical:

    ironical: Of the nature of irony or covert sarcasm; meaning the opposite of what is expressed.

    This clearly demonstrates that sarcasm like this is in fact ironical by definition.

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    Re: Pats in the tank--waiting for next year.

    "I agree--Mankins is out, Bodden is gone.  Brady has been so distracted during the off-season, plus he's frustrated about his contract.  And now, Moss is unhappy, so you can count on him mailing it in.  No one can rush the passer, and they can't stop the run.  The defense is so young, and there's no leadership.  And Belichick somehow thinks he's going to coach every position.  I'm not even going to watch the carnage today--going to go out and enjoy the weather instead.  Guess we might as well give the Lombardi to the Colts and save us all some time.  The only drama for this season will be the Colts going for perfection.  Oh well--see everyone next August!"

    Ya see zbellino, At FIRST-I was dead-on in complete and total agreement with USMC....yet, upon taking the time to RE-read DaMadHatter's post, I'm really sorta second guessin' my first premise.  Again, as that English dbl maj, I had always presumed that the true crux in being "Ironic" was the organization, the "set-up" if you will...

    This is to say, initially somehow showing, expressing, even insinuating throw varied techniques of character & plot, and varied usages of language (contextual descriptions, nice and colorful adverbs & adjectives)- SOME type of expression, impulse, fact, and especially a Feeling and/or Belief...

    Once Again, It IS all in the organization, the outright and ostensible statement/often held belief, THEN it IS all about the "sarcasm" within the "truth" of the outcome...the contradiction OF that once held belief/feeling/emotion, or whatever.

    ~Now, HERE:

    Many ARE correct in first & foremost, Noting the time that the post was made...AFTER the game's outcome in which NE was Victorious.

    Second, We can ALL take note of certain "insinuations" made by the author, within Post #1...Insinuations and Feelings, of which, rather interestingly interspersed, ARE certain things which have ALREADY occurred in NE's favor: Brady's contract resolvement, Colts's Losing, NE's young D playing good today: ALL done in this "hopeless" present tense (somewhat brilliantly underlayed, I might add).  

    Yet again, I AM sorta torn by the FINAL contrast of Resolvement (of which, I believe is USMC's problem with it as well)...  Now, unless the set-up's the Thread's Title itself, OR unless thiis contradictory resolution, is the pure knowledge that NE DID win, coupled with perhaps the rather minute knowledge of this thread's start-time (post-victory), OR unless the set-up's the pure knowledge that So Many people were naysayers RE: Ne's chances in 2010 with these ostensibly stated problem's the thread's author gave in Post #1...
         .....It DOES seem somewhat ("somewhat") 'lacking' within the outright configuring of that purely Obvious "set-up" and totally Knowledgeable "punch-line" (for lack of any better terms).

    But ya know what....?  Certain aspects (IF you've been a member of this BDC Board) AND certain aspects (game-wise-IF you are a member of Pats's Nation)-DO Remain simply too obvious to overlook in the end.  So whether it's the set-up OR "punch-line" contradictory conclusion of real facts, which ARE NOT stated openly and outright, Certain facts remain far too obvious (of a BDC Pats's Fans's Knowledge)-to NOT ignore.... 
         SO Yes then...this can be construed (in a very close contest)-AS Sarcasm. 

    ~Btw, Shenanigan...No, Alanise Morrisette was way off-those things like "rain on wedding day," or "10,000 spoons and all ya need is a knife"-No...NOT sarcasm.  Who says the wedding day needs to be sunny...some might enjoy the rain.  No, on spoons...again, No PURE contradictory facet, to the reality=NO Irony...just a buncha bummers.