Pats Insisted on First Round Pick For 2011

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    Re: Pats Insisted on First Round Pick For 2011

    wait until the Pats send one of their three 2010 2nd round picks to someone for a third 1st round pick in 2011.... faulkin smaht!
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    Re: Pats Insisted on First Round Pick For 2011

    If we are talking 2010 QBs, I would much rather have McCoy over Bradford.

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    Re: Pats Insisted on First Round Pick For 2011

    Yo Faucetman,

    As you know I suggested trading Seymore at the draft for a couple of 2's so I am very pleased with the overall received value of the trade.

    BB has gotten outstanding value in the past for trading players (Jones, Blodsoe) for picks so I

    I also agree with your overall point. Finding the next great qb for our team is something we need to constantly investigate. With every great decade team there is always a qb leading that team that is one of the best. Montana in the 80's, Young in the 90's, Aikman also in early 90's etc etc..

    With that being said my qb of the future is Teabow. He is a leader & is willing to die on the field. I'm not sure how I feel about his sort of in your face "christian" belief because god doesn't play tackle in the NFL, but to me he is a combination of Young & McNair who in the right / constant system will thrive and he has always been a winner..

    Does anyone really believe that Brady would be as good as he is if he went to the Lions or 49's with the coaching turnover those teams have every year?
    The reality of the NFL is what makes those teams great for long periods is a big physical defense that is capable of holding teams scoreless for many possesions during the big Jan / Feb game. That has been missing from our team for the past 5 seasons due to age, injuries & lack of talent and depth at several positions.

    #93's best days were behind him & even if he played this season we would be loosing him for about the 100th pick as an awarded comp pick in the 2011 draft for the worst case scenerio of #32 if the Raiders win next year's superbowl. And we both know that aint happening. In the end, it's what we do with that pick that will decide. Remember the Pats got Wilfork with our Bledsoe 1st round pick.

    Eventually our team needs to win more games 17-13 like we did in 2003-2004 than the 31-21 games over these past few years..
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    Re: Pats Insisted on First Round Pick For 2011

    In Response to Re: Pats Insisted on First Round Pick For 2011:
    In Response to Re: Pats Insisted on First Round Pick For 2011 : He is not going to sit out the season- that would irreparably harm the value of the free agent contract he will seek next season. The disagreement right now is over obtaining a promise from the Raiders that they do not franchise him next season.
    Posted by patpscyho

    I would do more than "irreparably harm" his value as a free agent - it actually pushes his free agency back another year! So holding out really gains him nothing - he'd still owe either the Pats or the Raiders (depending on whether the trade is dependent on him taking the physical) a year of service before he could become a free agent. If he's holding out for more money for an extension from the Raiders, he should show up for his physical, finish the trade, and then hold out. If he doesn't like going to the Raiders and is upset about that - well, that's partly his doing. He's the one who's held out twice in the past trying to get the best deal he could. That's made him somewhat Pats-unfriendly, and made them leery about trying to sign him to an extension. And that STUPID Borges column notwithstanding (see the competition), while the Pats do try to sign people to team-friendly deals (otherwise there are savvy vets who are willing to take a discount to come play for a competitor and try to get a ring!) the deals they offer are GOOD, and while players signing may leave 20% on the table to stay with the Pats, these guys make millions. In the end they gotta decide if the 20% difference in salary is worth playing for a non-competitor. Well Big Seymour's about to find out.