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Pats Just Need To Stop Turning The Ball Over

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    Pats Just Need To Stop Turning The Ball Over

    Yes, the Pats have some issues, but one of the major ones is that they are turning the ball over.  While Brady is one of the all time greats, even he can't perform miracles when the team coughs up the ball.  In the Brady/BB era, as great as it's been, here are the Pats records when they have a lot of turnovers:

    4 or more turnovers: 3-14 (.176)
    3 or more turnovers: 14-24 (.368)

    This isn't exactly rocket science.  All NFL teams suffer the same fate when they give away the ball.  By extension, that means the Pats have been:

    137-32 (.811) when they don't have 4 or more turnovers
    126-22 (.851) when they don't have 3 turnovers

    Unless people think they are going to be a turnover machine the rest of the season, they should do better wins and losses wise no matter what the state of the defense or the seemingly less potent offense may be.
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