Pat's Needs

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    Pat's Needs

     The Pats need in Urgency, Defensive Tackles who can stop the run and PASS RUSH, like the N>Y> Giants quad can. 6'5 and 270 lb , not 6'0" and 350 lbs. not new corners or  any other Defensive players.
     What you need as a Pats fan is to watch on YOuTube the following:
    Loose Change 9/11 an interview with N.Y. City Fire fighters in the Twin Towers and listen to lIve transmissions from Heroes of Commitment who had reached the 77th floor and were about to extinguish this blaze, according to their message , "We have reached the 77th floor and need two lines. We are going to  put the Fire out."
      The building was mined and bombed by suspects unknown who reside in the Washington ,D.C. Area.
     Also , you might further your journey to manhood and reality by viewing " The Ultimate Empire , Defined on YOuTube, from INFOWARS.COM, ALEX JONES. 
     A HILLBILLY REVELATION  REVELRY. And Catherine Austin Fitts, My Candidate for U.S. President
    And Go Pats
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    Re: Pat's Needs

    Big fast WR, Defense, and O-line including another beast TE like Gronk.