In my humble opinion, the Pats have many problems to fix! Most of the problems are personnel based. I hope the team will draft smartly , considering how the FA class is very thin. The draft is where the team will need to focus to fix thier holes! Who should they draft? This is in no particular order. 

The Gary Guyton is a full-time , every down player experiment should be over! I'm not saying he can't help the team at all. I am saying that the team needs a reliable tackler opposite Mayo. Obviously, McClain (Alabama) or Spikes (Florida) would be awesome for the Pats but, more likely, possibly someone like Micah Johnson (Kentucky) could be had early in the 2nd round.
The Pats also have an obvious need at DE/OLB. The team needs some sesrious help rushing the passer! Some DE's the Pats could be looking at in the 2010 draft : Jerry Hughes (TCU), Greg Hardy (Ole Miss), Carlos Dunlap (Florida), Corey Wooten (NWestern). OLBs' aren't really the Pats cup of tea because they're generally undersized to play OLB in the 3-4. A few DT's I'd like to see the Pats take Terrence Cody (Alabama), Arthur Jones (Syracuse), Stephen Paea (Oregon) and Dan Williams (Tenn). 

Most Pats fans would tell you that Springs , Wilhite and Butler as the D-back corps for 2010 just won't cut it. Maybe the Pats will look at one of these players ? I know it probably won't happen but I'd love to see Joe Haden (Florida) in a Pats uniform next season! Wouldn't you? Other CB's BB might be looking at : Javier Arenes (Alabama), Trevard Lindley (Kentucky), Patrick Robinson (FLA ST), Ras-I Dowling (Virginia) and Myron Lewis (Vanderbilt). 

Do the Pats need help at the SS spot? I'd definitely think so! I know Meriweather is a pro-bowler but, the lack of consistent tackling from the 3rd level was awful this year! Maybe BB will look at some of these SS? If Eric Berry (Tenn) is available and the Pats pass? They've got some serious problems! Chad Jones (LSU) , Ahmad Black (Florida) and Darnell Stuckey (Kansas) would be great future Rodney Harrissons! HAHA like that is even possible! No one will ever replace Rodney!

What goes without saying is that the Pats need! I mean, NEED to resign Wilfork, Brady and Mankins this off-season! Those are the only must do's for BB and the Pats. I really , really hope that BB and his player evaluating people use all thier picks this draft! This is a very deep draft in allot of the areas where the Pats need help. 

Anyway, I just wanted to think out loud with you guys! Please, tell me what you think the Pats should do to improve for 2010!