Pats Schedule

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    Re: Pats Schedule

    In response to RidingWithTheKingII's comment:

    ESPN is running their goofy show right now, but NE only has 1 MNF game in Carolina. I am going to probably hit that one, but Kraft seemingly has steered them away from having more than just the one game on ESPN.

    Interesting.  The NFL is shifting towards more NFC games for ESPN on MNF now more than ever.

    The back end of the schedule is tough. Also, Miami gets lucky be having us late in the season.

    The other tought Sunday night game in Atlanta, comes early. Good news is, we get 2 cupcakes in the divison out the gate.

    Bye comes at good time, too.

    The back has some tough games but I see us winning them all down the stretch like most years. Atlanta looks like the toughest game. The first two are very easy, even the game at the Jets should be easy as they are just god awful. I may catch the Carolina game too. Overall decent schedule. The Denver game will be all hype until the Patriots jump all over them right away.

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