Can someone get me some these scratch offs, I'm old enough to buy them.

Patriots Offer Season Tickets for Life in New Lottery Ticket

KraftGetting season tickets to the Patriots is nearly impossible. Now, you've at least got a chance.

The team, along with the Massachusetts State Lottery, unveiled their new lottery ticket on Tuesday, which offers both cash and football-related prizes.

The $5 scratch ticket will offer 10 instant prizes of $1 million, 4,250 VIP ticket packages as well as merchandise prizes. There will be second-chance drawings for season tickets for life to the Patriots. Five pairs of tickets will be awarded.

Lottery losers, however, will still be contributing to the state's economy, with an expected $151 million expected in sales.

"We are happy to contribute some truly unique prizes to complement the many cash rewards offered," said Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft. "We are excited to see Patriots fans win these prizes throughout our 50th anniversary season