pats took vareen

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    Re: pats took vareen

    wow just read all of this... bunch of whiney bicthes you are.
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    Re: pats took vareen

    p.s. i am most excited about the additions of the RBs. the RBs this year plus the young TEs last year and our offense is making a change that i personally have been hoping for since 2007.
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    Re: pats took vareen

    If Legarrette Blount had just been taken in the 7th round last year, we wouldn't have needed to take Ridley over the other talent left on the board. Would have had a better power running threat last season as well.
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    Re: pats took vareen

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       It's Ingram vs. Vareen. Let's see all the BB apologists at the end of the next season when Ingram has 1,200 to 1,400 yards with 30 to 40 catches and this guy has 600/700 with 20 catches.    One of the rare times we can compare directly how two teams' decisions turned out.    Both will be on good teams that throw alot and have other backs as well.
    Posted by BamaPat

    If injuries are not a factor...Vareen will be the better pro!  Take off the crimson colered glasses and check out the facts.

    Vareen was MORE productive 2 out of the last 3 years.  Vareen is quicker, faster, better hands, better route runner, better pass protector than Ingram.

    Ingram is a little bigger, runs with more power but has nowhere near the versatility of Vareen.  Ingy DID win a Heisman...Yeah THOSE guys ALWAYS do well in the pros!

    ...But you are right in a few years we will know who the better player is (maybe they will both be good)  In that case BB would have fleeced the Saints since they gave up a 2nd and a 1st for the Igram pick!  Either way I will look forward to hearing from you...

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    Re: pats took vareen

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    Honestly, I really, REALLY wanted to like Mikel Leshoure...his size was just an ideal fit on paper for NE's scheme.  I watched highlight after highlight...and not one time did I come away impressed.  Not...Once.  YET (here's the yet), It becomes hard to argue that Leshoure still might be better than the big back NE took in Rd 3 (I keep forgetting his name).  Vareen would not, no way, chance or how, Have been selected in the small interum when Belichick selected him 2/3's of the way down Rd #2, from the time he picked that big back, then Ryan Mallet, in those first 8 or so selections of Rd 3 (not with the sheer number of backs still on the big board, and certainly not with this mostly passing league in today's NFL)...  So, I've wondered after BB took Vareen (and oddly enough, I actually was hoping NE would double-dip at the RB spot this yeasr)...BUT, I DID and still wonder what it would be, IF Pats selected Leshoure in Vareen's spot, THEN selected Vareen with that very early Rd 3 spot...? One never knows...  Yet Vareen?  No back reminds me more of Curtis Martin in terms of the unbelievably efficient style of running that Vareen employs skill-set wise.  Watching him, his hands are Wideout-soft in catching passes.  He ain't the fastest, smaller type blazing RB, and Vareen isn't the most shifty or elusive...yet when I watch him, It's almost like, He NEVER EVER has negative yardage...  He'll be the type of guy, whom at the end of a game, The oppossing Defensive Players, say, "Vareen?  110 yards?  HowInTH did he get a buck ten...?  I don't recall any game breaking multiple runs at 20 yards a pop?"  And Vareen won't WOW guys...But it simply seems he ALWAYS gets 4 yards, 4 yards, 4 yards, 5 yards, 4 yards, etc..over and over and over.  So efficient in his style of play...just takes what he can get, A-lways.  And never moving the chains backwards,..always goin' forward. 
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

    Oh there you go again...Being reasonable.  I hate it when you do that.  Funny thing is, I could'nt make up my mind about Vareen's running style.  Reminded me a bunch of Curtis Martin but he seems to slash against the grain as suddenly as Terrel Davis on occasion.  Not suggesting that he will have Davis/Martin like success...But let's just keep an eye on this kid, shall we?

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    Re: pats took vareen

    This guy can BLOCK . . .  I think BB thinks that is important.  He will be our 3rd down back by mid-season (Kevin's replacement).  He block, catches the ball, and is good in open space (draws, screens, etc.) . . . . he was worth the pick!
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    Re: pats took vareen

         Vereen was a remarkably versatile and successful RB possessing just about every trait you look for in a running back.He's strong enough to pound the ball between the tackles,has quickness to see the open lanes,isn't hesitant at all in what he does,has enough speed to take it outside and break the long one on occasion,shows excellent vision,catches the ball well,his route running is better than the majority of backs coming out of school,is a willing and technically sound blocker,is commtted to the game and improving his skills and has been a leader.LeShoure does remind me a bit of Maroney(though not as much as some do)and I feel he a chance as well though he does run a bit high. 
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    Re: pats took vareen

    if we are able to keep mankins and cannon becomes healthy our Offensive line should be able to make some holes pretty easily. I mean LT Soldier, LG Mankins, C Koppen, RG Cannon, RT Vollmer wow! and next year if BB is able to land a stud center our line iwll be set for the next 5 years.
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    Re: pats took vareen

    Mark my words Ridley will be a better NFL player.

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    Re: pats took vareen

    i want to give connolly a few more reps there because center is a very important position being that they snap the ball and look for blocks and point out the rushers.  plus it would be nice to bring in a huge center who can handle the every expanding nose tackles, similar to mangold of the Jets.
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    Re: pats took vareen

    I spoke with a former CAL DE last night, class of 2010. He doesn't follow pro football much, but his eyes lit up when I said the Pats drafted Vereen. My friend couldn't say enough good stuff about him. Said Vareen was overshadowed some because he didn't have J. Best's freakish speed, and played on an awful team this year, but that he's tough, hard-working, and surprisingly strong. My buddy thought the Pats got a steal. I asked him how/if he compared to the current CAL backs in the NFL, and he basically said Vereen is a much, much better version of Justin Forsett. Which I guess is good, because Forsett  is terrible.