Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points ) New Photos Added Thursday

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    Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points ) New Photos Added Thursday

        NOTE : Scroll down to bottom part of the page 1 Comments Section to view a more pics I just added ( Thurs )

      So the Saints came marching in...

    I was lucky enough to be in attendance for both the morning & afternoon scrimmages yesterday .
     One of the things I took away that left me optimistic for the upcoming season was how well both Hernandez and Tate looked . Both displayed crisp route running, fly paper hands , and explosive acceleration after the catch . 

      Another huge plus was how fluid Wes Welker looked with one play in particular standing out . Welker made a short in-move about five yards over the middle where Brady hit him in stride . After hauling in the short , sharp pass he then realized his current path would take him right into the teeth of the D , so he stopped on a dime using his offhand against the turf to steady himself , changed directions and headed perpendicular to the line before picking up a block and turning it up field .
    VINTAGE #83 ! 

     As for the D backs non stellar play , I have 3 words :
      I think it's important to remember that we are talking about the NFL's premier passing attack 
    ( If this was the Bills shredding us I'd be worried )

      Overall , I thought we faired well in the heat and humidity .

    Notable exceptions were :
     Mesko ~ 2 words that come to mind to describe his day ... God Awful . 
     Even in warm up his boots just looked weak and wobbly. You could tell by his body launguage that he just didn't have a clue as to why . I'm used to seeing punters get that nice tight spiral every now and again when they're in their pre-game practicing mode , but I didn't see a single kick that even remotely resembled one. He did however get one nice boomer off (but still wobbly ) My guess is it must have travelled at least 65 yards on the fly.
      If he continues to struggle , I wouldn't be shocked to see somebody brought in to give him some camp competition .
      5th round guys drafted for special team play are suppose to be... special .
     Butler ~ Close only counts in horseshoes and darts ...during most of the day the 2nd year corner seemed to hang right with his man but somehow the ball kept finding his opponents hands ( chalk some of this up to the Saints #9 ) The wirey Butler does look the part of a Db with his long arms and tight frame , and his mechanics all seem to be there  , but whenever a play on the ball seemed within his grasp , he just didn't get it done. My guess is this was just one of those days where he needed to be 100% on his game and just wasn't .
     Personally , I think he's going to be fine.

     Two additional side notes :

    1) As reported , Brady did seem a bit p'd off from time to time with himself and /or recievers execution
    ( At one point he screamed in the loudest voice I'd heard by anyone all day "Get the FOCK in the huddle " after his offensive mates took their sweet time forming the circle )
    but it seemed to always be followed up by an attempt to remedy the issue ~ at times taking Tate or BJ Green-Ellis aside and working things out .
     ( I also noticed the Saints Jonathon Vilma drop an F- Bomb or two on the other side of the ball whenever his troops needed a reality check. )
     To me Bradys outbursts showed his passion for "gettin it right "
    ( Not unlike that guy that wears #18 for that midwest team we all love to hate )

    2) The "alleged" 1/2 lb. burger at the CBS Zone was a joke.
       The thing was mostly bun and condiments .
     ( The beer selection however was top rate and the view overlooking the stadium is one of the best sports watering hole locations I've ever seen )
     Next time, I'll eat at the 5 guys burger joint and save the CBS Zone for my beverage consumption .

     Here are some pics I took of the scrimmages
    (non-award winning )

    They're mostly of the views you get when visiting camp.

    Brady warms up with Moss on the sideline prior to the O getting their scrimmage reps.
    ( I've noticed that Brady always seems to only warm up with Moss ... this goes on thru-out the entire practice session too ...prior to stretching , in-between drills , etc. ) 

    Brees steps up in the pocket while Reggie Bush pretends he's worth 8 mil a year.

     Brady hits Welker ( unseen ) over the middle , while Belichick prowls the offensive backfield .
     ( I noticed that BB rarely gave instruction while the series of plays were in progress , instead waiting until the units' full turn was up before offeing advice ~ my guess is he wanted it to be as much like an in-game situation as possible )

     Fans view from the hill behind the endzone .
     A funny as h*ll heckler was to my immediate left ~ He layed into Marquis Murrell about taking a knee during a drill.
    BOOMING VOICE : "Are U tired #93 ? ... Hey #93 , u need a Chair ? ...Would U like to take a Nap #93 ? ...Would U like a freeze pop ? " He kept it up for at least 3 mins then mercifully Pepper Johnson blew his whistle and they changed stations ~ Later on after Pats very last scrimmage play , Gostkowski 's FG flew into the crowd and into the waiting arms of ...the heckler .

    After practice we learned that Murrel wasn't just doggin' it  , he was actually carted off due to heat exhaustion.

     DOH !

    Brees throws an out while the trenches battle it out.
    ( End zone hill perspective )
    Note Spikes in the middle ~ He's for real and looked like he belongs out there !

     Light protects Brady during Red Zone work .
    ( Despite what some people might think , he does on occasion get his man )

     I came away from these scrimmages encouraged that even if our D takes awhile to come around  , the Offence will be more than up to the challenge of winning shootouts .

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    Re: Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points )

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    Re: Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points )

    this is hands down amazing - i love the photos. this makes me reallly want to go to training camp. you could hands down have a better experience at a training camp practice than a regular season game, get to go to patriots hall of fame (closed on sundays), maybe get an autograph, sit closer than you would at a game, listen to Belichick mentor or rip some rookies, actually go to the CBS Zone with less crowd, come back and watch a Patriots vs Saints scrimmage/practice... incredible
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    Re: Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points )

    Because it's obvious.  Just a few days ago he said the guy in my picture is Junior Seau.  Remember that?  And these are clearly just pictures he got from the internet.  Why would a Pats fan take so many pictures of Brees?
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    Re: Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points )

    thanks for the pics!
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    Re: Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points )

    I was at camp and I agree with everything he said. However, I'm a fan of Qdobas. That place has great burritos, and being vegetarian, bean burritos are heaven.

    Butler wasn't bad. As stated he was in good position the entire time but the ball was usually placed in the one spot he couldn't get to. It was ridiculous how accurate some of the passes were. There was one in the back corner of the endzone where Butler had perfect coverage, but the receiver hauled in a jumping grab that only he could get to.

    On the other hand, Mesko looked awful. He shanked quite a bit of punts but every once in a while hit a booming one to the other end of the field. I hope he fixes the issues, but I'd rather have a consistent punter than a punter that makes you want to close your eyes and pray every punt.

    Also, remember the Patriots secondary picked off Brees. I read a report that said it was because the receiver fell but that's not entirely accurate. What I saw was the Patriots pressuring Brees, everyone was covered, he forced a bad pass, and the receiver stumbled because it wasn't where he was planning on running. I don't remember Brady throwing an interception.

    Cringeworthy note of the session: The team was practicing squib and onside kicks and a bunch of people were complaining that the Patriots kicker sucked and couldn't kick it right.
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    Re: Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points )

    Oh man, great thread.  Refreshing to read about training days from a fan and not a reporter.  Thanks for sharing, good pictures too!
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    Re: Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points )

     Dear mightypatriots ,


     Normally I just punch up the ignore button ...

       I  actually dig the way you follow me around & break out your lonesome wail within minutes of my postings.

    It's cool.
    So don't worry ....
       I won't be getting into any name-calling wars with you or copying your TROLL Photo and stalkin' u and re-posting it on your threads.
    ( though I admit it might be pretty funny if someone else did )





      Here's some more pics I took at the scrimmage(s).
     ( though admittedly not exactly action-packed )

      Following the first 11 on 11 work between the Pats D and the Saints O , the D coaches gathered the players on the sidelines and discussed what went down .
     ( Not sure if you can tell by the players' body language but it wasn't their finest hour ...they did however improve as the day wore on )

     Brady watches Brian Hoyer complete his reps in the far side red zone as Moss leads the first team unit back onto the field.

     Wes Welker spins away from the D and scores ! 
      Truth be told ~ full tilt tackling was not permitted .
    Note : Welker was on right side of pic ( cut off during download )

    Brees eyeballs Colston cutting across the middle.
    ( He actually ended up checking down to Dave Thomas out in the left flat ...
     one of 4 straight completions he had to the former Pats TE )
    Note : Colston was on right side of pic ( cutoff during download )

     BJGE carries the rock threw the right gap . 
       The unheralded North and South runner could teach Larry Mo a thing or two about gaining positive yards .
    NOTE : BJGE was on right side of pic (cut off during download )

    BB and Brady conferred after every completed offensive session  , usually with Moss briefly joining in on the talks.

     Jonathon Vilma at times was just as vocal as Brady .

    BALL !

     Brady spent a decent amount of time rapping with members of the D 

    Here he's talking with Tully Banta-Cain and Gary Guyton .
     ( I noticed Brady seemed to have an especially good repor with Mayo during the scrimmage )

     Brees & Co. await their turn .

     Unfortunately for Lynell Hamilton #30 , yesterday was the last full day he would spend on the Saints active roster as the Saints rb suffered a torn ACL in their scrimmage Weds. morning .

     Jahri Evans #73 ...the $tandard $etter at Guard for the Saints .

     The one and only Freddy Taylor !

     Taylor looks bigger in person than you'd think ...
    Big , strong and constantly moving on the sidelines he's constantly offering up encouragement to his teamates ...great addition to the Patriots way !
    ( Torry Holt , though he didnt suit up , was also very vocal with his fellow Pats )

     Gostkowski splits the uprights with zero seconds left on the clock !

      After Brady had driven them down the field during the Pats last situational drive of the day , Belichick had the FG unit run onto the field to try and get a kick off with only seconds remaining 
    ( 15 or 16 secs were on the clock by my count when BB hollored for them to get on the field )

     NOTE : The kick was blasted  high and true and sailed directly into the crowd of fans that were watching from the hillside . One lucky fan reached up and snared the falling kick ...  It was Marquis Murrels heckler !
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    Re: Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points ) New Photos Added Thursday

    These are great, gets me really excited to see them in Atlanta when they come down to practice with the Falcons. 
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    Re: Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points ) New Photos Added Thursday

    Great post captain...

    wow welker better see bradys hair surgeon if he wants to keep scooping the playboy bunnies...

    i was at camp as well... you must have a telephoto lense cause everything seems pretty far a way in person...  not like the old days
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    Re: Pats vs Saints Scimmages ( One Fans Pix & Points ) New Photos Added Thursday

    This was better than anything Breer or any of the other goons have put out. Thanks for the cool pics and feedback.

    Don't worry about the idiot calling you a troll, one of his reason was for taking pictures of Brees? Apparently a Patriots fan is not interested in other teams? Thats ridiculous..