Pats will not Trade #33

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    Re: Pats will not Trade #33

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    there is a 100% chance they trade this pick.....YES 100% Someone dumb is gonna give us thier next yrs #1 and a 2nd this year/or 3rd rnd this yr. One of the hungry for a QB teams will make a deal the pats cant refuse. cause "its good value there"
    Posted by BradyHasMoreRings

    What makes you think that if what you say happens, that he won't then again trade the picks for the 2013 draft. It's becoming an obsession with BB keep trading the picks for the future. When is the future? This year? Next Year? 2013 when? I think last year they brought in 10 or 11 players via the draft and unsigned free agents. Is that whet they are going to do this year? So in 4 years theoretically they will replace the entire roster. The point in having draft picks is to use them. Only so many players can make the roster in any given year, unless your an expansion team.

    Kind of like stockpiling radioactive waste eventually you have to find a place to put it.

    There are only so many spots available, with retirements, injuries etc. Volume of players is not the answer for a contending team, however quality and to fill a specific position should be the goal.

    Why did they draft Gostkowski? They needed a kicker. Why did they draft the punter? They needed a punter. So that argument doesn't hold water except when it suits. They need a speedrusher, what's the difference, between needing a speedrusher and a kicker, or a punter?

    I'm all ears.
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    Re: Pats will not Trade #33

    There is a 97.3568% chance Pats keep the #33 pick. (plus or minus 0.036%)   

    Would have traded for sure, if Bowers (a pre-injury top 4 pick) didn't fall into their lap !!