this week reminds me a lot of 2003 with lawyer milloy and 2001 with terry glenn. by drawg that hard line and signallg that it will not be business as usual anymore is a good thing. i have lately seen so many guys laughing and joking after losses and tryg to make the pats' model appear like every other team out there. brady by showing up way on time as he did along with all the guys with a RING set a real leadership example. i was picking the pats to win but not cover, now i am going for a full blowout as i expect this team to come out with that old patriot focus and PRIDE ready to pop someone in the mouth and make plays for all 4 quarters. i also like the fact that belichick is not taking the tomlin approach by talkg about bringing hell to others and what not. talk is cheap and negative assertive talk just puts additional needless pressure on the team. from what i can gather, belichick went out of his way to lighten the load a bit and reminded them of their record and division lead. if they take care of biz, they make the playoffs and u never know what happens once u make the playoffs. i also like the fact that brady and bill are seemingly back to being on the same page. it was tom who took the initiative to openly question the team's heart on sunday and right thru his weekly talk on eei. i bet the guys he had in mind were 3 out of those dismissed 4 not named guyton!

as of now, we just do not have the horses to really compete with the elites which is a reflection on the GM part of Belichick, but there is absolutely no excuse for not bringing consistent lunch-pail effort and heart. heck, we won our first SB mostly on HEART and smarts. we certainly should be able to do the same with the carolinas, jacksonvilles and houstons of the world! build some momentum, courage and trust and then we take our chances in late january! perhaps, indy, SD and others will get some injury issues or something or lose a couple to break their focus and give them some challenges also. hopefully, the pendulum will swing and our fates will be reversed. it all starts this weekend. its now a 4 game season!

speakg of indy, anyone else notice the conspicuous absense of one UNDERDOGG!