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Pats Yahoo Draft Grade

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    Pats Yahoo Draft Grade

    Not that it means a whole hell of lot, but just for fun Yahoo sports gave the Pats a good grade. I was pretty happy, I wanted Butler and think Tate should be excellent if he can stay out of trouble. Here's the rest of the AFC too.

    AFC East

    Buffalo Bills
    Picks: LB Aaron Maybin, C Eric Wood, CB Jairus Byrd, OL Andy Levitre, TE Shawn Nelson, S Nic Harris, CB Cary Harris, DB Ellis Lankster.
    Positives: Maybin, Byrd.
    Negative: Wood.
    Bottom line: C-. Considering the recent trade of Jason Peters, this is a pretty mediocre draft. Maybin is a dynamic, pass-rushing athlete the Bills haven’t had at linebacker since the days of Bryce Paup. The downside with Maybin is he hasn’t played that much and spent only one year as a starter at Penn State. If the Bills can keep defensive end Aaron Schobel healthy, Maybin could team with him and fellow defensive end Chris Kelsay to give the team a dynamic pass rush. Byrd is an interception machine, finishing his career at Oregon with 17, and gives the Bills some much-needed depth in the secondary. However, neither Wood nor Levitre are great athletes, even by offensive line standards, and appear to be reaches.

    Miami Dolphins
    Picks: CB Vontae Davis, QB Pat White, CB Sean Smith, WR Patrick Turner, WR Brian Hartline, TE John Nalbone, S Chris Clemons, OT Andrew Gardner, LB J.D. Folsom.
    Positives: Davis, White and Smith are premier athletes.
    Negative: No help at defensive tackle.
    Bottom line: C. There is no questioning Davis’ talent. He may be the best pure cornerback in the draft and has the ability to be a Pro Bowler regular. The problem is, like his brother Vernon with San Francisco, Davis thinks he’s great already and doesn’t listen to coaching. Dolphins VP of football operations Bill Parcells should help his coaches turn that ego into something special. White is a really intriguing talent, particularly if you like the Wildcat offense, but taking a gimmick player in the second round seems like a stretch. If he becomes Antwaan Randle El, that’s great. If not, he’s a big reach. Smith is a special athlete who could become better than Davis. Finally, Turner is an intriguing player. The problem is that the Dolphins needed to get a young defensive tackle in a bad way.

    New England Patriots
    Picks: S Patrick Chung, DT Ron Brace, CB Darius Butler, OT Sebastian Vollmer, WR Brandon Tate, LB Tyrone McKenzie, G Rich Ohrnberger, C George Bussey, DT Myron Pryor, LS Jacob Ingram, WR Julian Edelman, DT Darryl Richard.
    Positives: Chung, Butler will help rebuild the secondary.
    Negative: No immediate impact player.
    Bottom line: A. The Patriots were in serious need of upgrading the depth and youth of their roster, which was accomplished. Along the way, they also picked up two second-round picks for the 2010 draft as Bill Belichick continued to perfect the trade down. The fact that teams continue to give the Patriots draft picks seems insane, but Belichick is more than willing to work the phones on draft day (the Pats were in on seven trades). Along the way, the Patriots ended up with four second-round picks and two more in the third round. Chung is likely to become a starter and many people thought Butler might sneak into the first round. Chung is a big-time hitter and Butler has great speed. The two offensive linemen in the second round are great long-range prospects. Big upside for both.

    New York Jets
    Picks: QB Mark Sanchez, RB Shonn Greene, G Matt Slauson.
    Positives Sanchez, a possible franchise quarterback.
    Negative: Not many players.
    Bottom line: A-. It’s not often that you start off with the No. 17 overall pick in the draft and end up with a quarterback who might start right away. That’s what the Jets did Saturday when they traded their first- and second-round picks along with some roster flotsam to Cleveland for the No. 5 pick and the right to get Sanchez. Great move because the cost was so incredibly cheap. The downside is that the Jets ended up with only three picks because of this trade and some others, but such is life. To get a potential franchise quarterback, you have to take some risk. Greene is a nice pickup on the second day after another trade up. Give Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum some credit for a couple of aggressive moves.
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    Re: Pats Yahoo Draft Grade

    The problem with grading is that anyone who gives a team a grade on draft day performance bases the grade on "how well the team did in comparison to what the person giving them the grade thought they should accomplish in the draft."

    that makes the grades horribly useless. 99% of the people out there think the Pats did great getting 2 2nd round picks for next year, and think that Butler was a steal, but that the rest of the draft was "so-so" and that we didn't get an edge-rusher.

    truth is, BB and crew have a ver complex system and require intelligence more than most teams do. So we pass up other players like Rey to get players we feel are more intelligent. Rey might be a beast on another team, but would probably be horrible in our system.

    I applaud the person who gave us an A, but to be honest, that doesn't mean much. Let's wait a couple years and see if the people we drafted are still around, and if they are, how much impact they're having compared to what BB and crew need from them. Then you can give me a grade worth thinking about.

    People are giving the Jets A's all over the place, and thinking they had a better overall draft because of Sanchez. Guess what...if the kid flakes and turns out to be a horrible Pro QB, that grade is going to be an F in a few years, and that's what matters more (my personal opinion is that he'll be fine, but I reserve the right to change that!).