Paying the man

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    Paying the man

    This post is hypothetical.   Arm chair GM stuff.  

    Lets say you can py the man and get a FA that's pricey but fills a need.  Now your depth t tht position can't be deep so keep that in mind.  You get 4 pos on O and 4 on D.  2 of each are already taken. Brady and mankins.  Wilfork and mayo.  What do you pick to fill the other 4?   

    Im taking a wr and a rb on O and an OLB and a CB on D.  I thought about a safety but a cb takes away their best RB.  


    I ask this because we had the coin to pay the man "gholdson" and didnt make much of a splash in FA.  Kelly will be nice but we should have 4 "real" guys on the team. 

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    Re: Paying the man

    I would go 3 on D and one on O = DL, LB and CB and a RB.


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