Peppers and Porter

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    Peppers and Porter

    Time to bring in both Peppers and Joey Porter. 18 sacks between them and they will never shut up
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    Re: Peppers and Porter

    No and no,

    Peppers why would we think he's worth 12 mil a year to play OLB when he has never played that position?  He's 30, a DE in a 43 not an OLB in a 34 which is where he would need to play in NE. 

    Porter, loud mouth has had nothing but bad things to say about the Patriots organization though out his career.

    I rather go with TBC and DB than bring either of those two guys. 
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    Re: Peppers and Porter

    Like I said in another thread, Joey Porter would rather play football in Afghanistan or on Mars than in New England, and I'm sure the Patriots would rather ship him off to those places than sign him.  He is the least likely player in the NFL to end up a Patriot.

    Peppers is just too expensive.
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    Re: Peppers and Porter

    i dont think we can be picky on pass rushers

    we couldnt even sniff the QB last year
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    Re: Peppers and Porter

    If the Pats do go after a guy like Peppers, they need to let him do what he does best, that is rush the passer.  We need this back in NE.  HE will make everyone around better!
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    Re: Peppers and Porter

    Willie McGinest switched to OLB primarily after that age.

    It depends on athleticism, and if NE thinks he can do it, then they will go after him. I know BB has spoken highly of him as a player, so there might be something to it. Personally, he is the kind of athlete/talent like Jason Taylor or Michael Strahan that he will likely play at an elite level into his mid 30's, so I can't see him as a risk.

    It isn't like he is a 340lb fat guy who has a balky knee. Dude is a physical freak like Willie Mac, Strahan, and Taylor.

    And if he is coming to play OLB, he won't get top payscale. $12mill per sounds like the extreme upper limit, but I wouldn't be shocked to see something like $10 mil per instead -- providing he is switching positions. 

    Joey Porter, however, is washed, and NE doesn't need him, AND he wouldn't play here either  . . . no point in even discussing it.