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Percy Harvin-Lite?

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    Percy Harvin-Lite?

    There are rumors that NE had serious interest in Percy during the 2009 draft, well he eventually went to the Vikings at pick 22 (one pick before the Patriots draft slot at 23) and turned into the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.  One could argue that they couldn't have been too serious if they didn't trade up a couple slots to ensure they got him, however I believe they wanted him.

    With that being said, they may be looking for a Harvin-esque type player in the 2010 draft, especially with the injury to Welker (which could cause him to miss part of next year).  One "sleeper" type player with Percy's size and skill set (though it wasn't done in the SEC) is Antonio Brown the 5-10 180 WR/RB/KR/PR from Central Michigan.  He has 301 receptions for 3,176 yards and 22 TD's in his 3 year career (declared early) to go along with 71 rushes for 518 yards (7.29 ypc) and 4 TD's.  He also provides value on special teams with 5 career returns for TD (3 PR and 2 KR).  He's an athletic, electric player (4.4 speed) open field player who's a threat to score anytime he gets his hands on the ball.  Depending on how he performs at the combine (assuming he's invited) and pro-days, I project he could could be available anywhere from rd 2-4.

    Then again, they pass on a guy like Brown and see what Brandon Tate can do, however there has to be some injury/durability concern with him.

    A photo of Brown in the link below:
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    Re: Percy Harvin-Lite?


    There were a great number of threads after the draft scoffing at the notion that Chilly could ever steal a player out from under Belichick that Bill actually wanted, and we heard much about Harvin's shady past and potential as a public relations nightmare. His failed drug test and "dehydration" have been well documented, but I can tell you as someone who actually lives in Viking territory that the hype over this kid is a double-edged sword. He's a helluva playmaker -- sometimes -- but he's had trouble staying on the field (as many guessed he would) and he's not a guy that fits in your offense -- he's a guy you have to tailor plays for.

    Not to denigrate Harvin's accomplishments, but just so you know, even Vikings' fan (knowledgeable Vikings' fan, that is) isn't yet sold on this kid.

    Beyond that, I'd have to say you're probably right, in a "please Lord I need a hard eight" kind of way.
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    Re: Percy Harvin-Lite?

    I agree with your assessment of Harvin, however I was comparing them more based on skill set than off the field type stuff.  I'll have to do more research, but I don't believe that Brown comes with the same excess baggage that Harvin brought with him.

    It should also be mentioned that Harvin is considered a student of the game, a self starter who will put in the extra time in the training room and has the intelligence to "take plays from the chalkboard to the field".  These are characteristics that BB places a premium on.
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    Re: Percy Harvin-Lite?

    Sounds like a good prospect, but I'd rather see what Tate can do in a full season.  Our WR drafts have been pretty spotty lately, but I like what I saw from Tate in limited action.
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    Re: Percy Harvin-Lite?

    Moss is my boy and I think he has 3 more seasons like the one he just had, trouble is even w/ Welker we dont have anyone else who is a real threat to put up 6. And Wes wont be the same player he was, at least not IMO. I like Tate but he doesnt blow me away. This year there is a pretty good class of rec and not bad in F/A either. You got Marshell(who might be a top 3 rec.), Walter(who might be the closest thing to Welker), and Breaston(who consistantly puts up #'s despite playing w/ Fitz and Q). Imagine Moss/Marshell/Breaston, all big guys who can run and catch. And get in the end zone which is the most imporant thing, and grabbing both isnt that far-out of an idea. Marshell is prolly gone considering the coach and QB situation, things never got better between The Beast and McJosh, just got better at hiding it. And the Cards are more likely to sure up Q to keep Warner happy for another year. Still very early to speculate, but the needs on this team are glaring and need to be addressed. And w/ Wes out this rec position shot up to the top or close to it.

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    Re: Percy Harvin-Lite?

    "Sounds like a good prospect, but I'd rather see what Tate can do in a full season.  Our WR drafts have been pretty spotty lately, but I like what I saw from Tate in limited action"

    Speaking of Tate, has any info really come out on his injury??  Did he completely re-tear the knee that was injured last yr or was it a more minor setback??   I really haven't heard anything about it.