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Perfect Draft?

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    Perfect Draft?

    If you could have any player possibl;e who you think will be available for the pats in their whole draft, who do you take?

    1. Larry English - I think Maluega would be great but just watching English's ability to get to the QB is unreal, so i take English.

    2. Darius Butler/James Larinitus - Darius Butler had the best Vertical Jump in the combine so i think he could definetely be taken and also the interest BB seems to have in him. LArinitus would be a asteal at 34 i think, hes not extremely fast but he's solid and i think this would be a perfect pick up.

    3. Pat White - YES!!!! He just looks like he could be such a great spark for the offense. Juts watching his highlights you just think he could bring something really good. We coulds unleash him against the Dolphins to get them back for trashing us with the Wildcat.

    4. Patrick Chung or Best S available - Don't really know too much about Chung but he sounds like hes just a solid ball player.

    5. OL - Don't know anything about OL in the draft but we need to get a solid backup.

    Other notable names:

    Ziggy Hood - Has a rare combination of size and strength according to scouts and here is no way we can keep all of our D Line so we need to groom someone.

    Vontae Davis - Sounds like a solid corner???

    Tate - He's the WR the pats just brought in - sounds like a 3rd rounder with great speed and KR ability. Would be nice to take the Duties of Hobbs.

    Jarron Gilbert - Pats nhad him in for a workout as well, sounds like a good D Linemen, Don't know much about him though.

    Any other players you would like the pats to get or give me yuour run down on your top 5 players you would like realistically!

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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    My semi possible, with a whole lotta luck draft would be:
    1st-23 Maualuga ILB
    2nd-34 Duke Robinson OG
    2nd-47 Barwin OLB
    2nd-58 Pat Chung SS
    3rd       Ingram TE
    3rd Comp Bobby Lepori ORT
    4th       Kevin Barnes CB
    5th       Ramses Barden WR
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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    23 - Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina
    34 - Evander Hood DT Missouri
    47 - Larry English LB Northern Illinois
    58 - Patrick Chung S Oregon
    89 - Antoine Caldwell G/C Alabama
    98 - Mike Mickens CB Cincinnati
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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    If you could have any player possibl;e who you think will be available for the pats in their whole draft, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! Thanks!!!!
    Posted by mattadlard

    1)  If you're going to start a post know what you're talking about so people can provide an intelligent contribution to the initial thought.  Meaning:
     - Spell the players names correctly - on the most basic level.
     - Know something about what you're writing - don't know about the OL, don't know much about the players.

    2)  All your players were ripped right from the list of whom they've hosted.  Let's research that a little more and get a little more imaginative.

    I'll refrain from going further since this thread can be legit and interesting but just kick it off a little better next time.

    With that said: D. White is a smoke screen and BB won't pick him up just to get back at the DFins or jump on a Wildcat fad.  ANOTHER RB?  5 going into camp isn't enough?  Do you really think anyone cares that D. Butler had a good vert at the combine?  It's not a dunking competition. 

    The D line needs to be tightened up with the possibility of Wilfork and Seymour chasing $ next year and we'd have to groom someone ideally that could switch between OLB and DE.  We also have a legitimate issue at S if Meriweather doesn't pick it up.  So I actually agree with you on Chung!!!  :)  So here's my wet dream of a draft and yes I'll expect a bashing:

    #23: Aaron Maybin - this is to hoping he falls to us / if not then look at Barwin. 
    #34: Trade down for a 1st and this years third.
    #47: Evander Hood - This MFer can hit and run and like the rest a Team Leader...
    #58: Pettigrew/ Cook - We're thinned out at the TE position so look for a prospect.
    #89: Ramses Barden, WR - Tall with dumb-a$$ grin on his face that's good for TV, he has alot of potential with an aging WR crew.
    #98: Chip Vaughn - not fast or a ball catching machine (that's why we have CBs) but he is a SAFETY meaning a reliable tackler and stuffer on the run.  Dig this kid.
    As for the rest it's a waste of time...

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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    Dantehopkins:I like the idea of drafting a pass rushing end but if they go that route it'll be the pick we got for Cassel will only jack off the faithful so if they can grab either a solid DB/S or Hood at this spot cool beans! I'd trade #47 to a team with no hope of competing this year for their 3rd this year and their 2nd next year,Barden would be a steal at #58,#89 is the goofy pick so they should take Pat White with it.since we have #97 use it to grab an o-lineman,they will wind up with another third round pick in my scenario and it should be an early to mid round pick so with that pick maybe they grab the TE you want but it won't be Pettirew cause he'll be gone in the top 15 picks.
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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    Pettigrew is an odd pick. I know.  The mocks across the board have him either going high to Atlanta or just dropping all the way down or possibly out of the first round...

    I definitely think they'll trade the 34th pick simply because we honestly have TOO MANY picks at 11.  BB already said he doesn't think 11 rookies will make this team so why not trade that pick for a nice first rounder next year???  It's a quality trade another team will bite at AND we have a few more picks just down the line in an ALREADY DEEP DRAFT.

    2 cents.
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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    A PERFECT draft would be...

    #23 Aaron Curry
    #34 Brian Orkapo 
    #47 Tyson Jackson
    #58 Patrick Chung
    #89 Eugene Monroe
    #97 Malcolm Jenkins

    Rd 4 Duke Robinson
    Rd 5C Beanie Wells
    Rd 6 Michael Crabtree
    Rd 6C Brandon Pettigrew
    Rd 7 Ziggy Hood

    You asked for the PERFECT draft, so I gave it to you
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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    Sorry fans,
    the perfect draft is a nice cold one while watching the game.....come on somebody had to say it...LOL!

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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    Titletownfan:That about sums that question up!!!Now pass me the pipe.You are correct on it being a perfect draft...Dantehopkins:I agree with the trading of a 2nd round pick I just have them moving #47 instead of #34,and I think you can look at Pascoe and Ingram as the TE's possible as well as the kid from Virginia whose name escapes me.The reaso0n for trading #47 is that you know BB doesn't want a first round pick in return unless it's in the later stages of round 1,which would lead me to believe that #47 is more likely to be moved,that would net them the extra pick this year in the 3rd round as well as a 2nd round pick..
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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    If the stars lined up perfectly we'd do this.

    #23  Rey Maualuga
    #34  Darius Butler
    #47  Connor Barwin
    #58  Max Unger
    #89  Rashad Johnson

    #97  Gerald Cadogan
    #124 Ramses Barden

    Who cares after that?

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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    #23 - Trade for 1st Rounder next year plus a 3rd Rounder this year
    #34 - Darius Butler, CB
    #47 - Clint Sintim, ILB/OLB (he played both under Al Goh at UVA)
    #58 - Jamon Merrideth, LT
    #89 - Duke Robinson, OG
    #97 - Rashard Johnson
    Extra 3rd Rounder from Trade - Micheal Johnson, DE/OLB Georgia Tech
    #124 - Jason Williams, OLB
    #170 - The Jarrett kid from Rice, WR

    Conclusion: Stockpile a #1 for 2010 Draft Flexibility plus 5 potential starters for the Future!

    Butler, Sintim, Merrideth, Robinson, and Johnson...

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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    wafostermisionero-  This draft has the most depth in years, I am confused why the Patriots would want to trade their first for a first next year and third this year? 

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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    23 – Darius Butler, DB
    34 – Jarron Gilbert, DL
    47 – Clint Sintim, LB
    58 – Pat White, QB/WR
    89 – Chip Vaughn, S
    97 – Antoine Caldwell, G/C
    124 – Jasper Brinkley, ILB
    170 – Johnny Knox, WR
    199 – Sammie Lee Hill, DL
    207 – Devin Moore, RB
    234 – David Johnson, H-B/TE

    For a roster of (my 53 man roster in bold):
    QB: Tom Brady, Kevin O’Connell, Pat White, Matt Gutierrez
    RB: Fred Taylor, Sammie Morris, Kevin Faulk, Laurence Maroney, Devin Moore, BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    WR: Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Joey Galloway, Greg Lewis, Johnny Knox, Matt Slater, Sam Aiken, Raymond Ventrone
    TE: Chris Baker, Ben Watson, David Thomas, David Johnson, Tyson Devree, Brad Listorti
    OT: Matt Light, Nick Kaczur, Ryan O’Callaghan, Mark Levoir, Wesley Britt, Damane Duckett
    OG/C: Dan Koppen, Stephen Neal, Logan Mankins, Russ Hochstein, Antoine Caldwell, Billy Yates, Al Johnson, Dan Connolly, Ryan Wendell
    DL: Richard Seymour, Ty Warren, Vince Wilfork, Mike Wright, Jarron Gilbert, Jarvis Green, Le Kevin Smith, Sammie Lee Hill, Titus Adams
    OLB: Adalius Thomas, Clint Sintim, Shawn Crable, Pierre Woods, Vince Redd, Tully Banta-Cain, Angelo Craig
    ILB: Jerod Mayo, Gary Guyton, Tedy Bruschi, Jasper Brinkley, Bo Ruud, Eric Alexander
    CB: Shawn Springs, Leigh Bodden, Ellis Hobbs, Darius Butler, Terrence Wheatley, Jonathan Wilhite, Mike Richardson
    S: Brandon Meriweather, James Sanders, Chip Vaughn, Tank Williams, Antwain Spann
    ST: Stephen Gostkowski, Chris Hanson, Nathan Hodel, Tom Malone

    34, 28, 4 = 66 w/o my rookies
    39, 34, 4 = 77 w/ my rookies
    25, 25, 3 = 53 my 53 man roster

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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    Rocky thanks for your input Sir. The reason why I would stockpile for next year is because #1 Draft picks are always valuable and good business. BB has an MO of stockpiling picks for the future and it has worked out well. Plus this year, as you mentioned, the Draft is extremely deep. We have 6 picks in the top 97, our team is pretty much stacked as is, and the player you get at #34 or #47 or #58 is the just about the same as #23. Draft Experts are concluding that players from 20 to say 60 are the same or have the same rating value. Someone like Conner Barwin for example could go as high as #23 or as low as #58, it depends on the Team selecting.

    There is no way BB uses all 6 picks in the top 100 this year, so why not get a #1 next year while securing a #3 this year. I am no expert but logic would say Teams like Dallas or Carolina who have no #1 may give NE a call on Draft day trying to get in on 1st Round action. That is just good business IMO.
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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    Great thread! I like the value on Defense this year.

    23) Butler, CB
    34) English, OLB
    47) Gilbert, DE
    58) Sintim, ILB (I think he's better suited for the inside)
    89) R Johnson, SS
    97) Ingram, TE
    124) J Knox, WR
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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    HRK, you hit it man.  The Best Draft ever was a Guinness poured at the Temple Bar in Dublin.

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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    Can't wait to experience the foamy mustache....that is on the list..... Ireland I mean.
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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    If you go to Dublin go straight to the Guinness Brewery at St. James Gate and drink all the Guinness and Harp you want for free.  That's how it was in 1984 anyway.
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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    trade one of our later seconds to move up and get maualuga, then take d. butler at #34 (I think he'll still be there)

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    Re: Perfect Draft?

    # 1 James Laurinaitis ILB Ohio State
    Bruschi Replacement also score the Highest in the woderlic testing at the combine. Big key and a Bilichick must, Loves film study often was ask to leave because they had to close Building.

    #2A Louis Delmas S W Michigan
    Pat's only have 2 true safty on the roster need to add a 3rd that has play making abitily. The hardest hitting safty in the draft. Reminds alot of scouts a young Rondey Harrison.  

    #2B Ron Brace BC 
    Pats finally find backup for Wilfork. NT is the hardest Position to find in any draft. with more teams going to 3-4 the price of these guy are going to sky rocket. Wilfork may be looking at 10 mill year at the end of the season if he does he will not be playing in NE next year.

    #2C Pat White QB/WR WV
    Coach Bill wants to have some fun in the preseason. Can anyone say wildcat. Pat White does not do any great. But there is no question he is a winner.