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    Re: Performance based value courtesy of ProFootballFocus...

    The Patriots methods have kept them more than just competitive. They have been in the hunt for the super bowl in most seasons since 2004.

    SB Steelers beat Seahawks
    Patriots beat the Steelers during the season.

    SB Colts beat Bears
    Patriots lost to the Colts twice but beat the Bears.

    I forget.

    SB Steelers beat Cardinals
    Patriots lost to the Steelers but beat the Cardinals.

    SB Saints beat Colts
    Patriots lost to both teams.

    SB Packers beat Steelers
    Patriots beat both teams.

    I forget.

    SB Ravens beat 49ers
    Patriots lost to both teams.

    The Patriots were very much in the hunt for the Super Bowl in 5 of those 8 seasons. No other team can say that. Now if the ball would just bounce our way!

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    Re: Performance based value courtesy of ProFootballFocus...

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    1 in 10 here pine for Williams, Revis, Fitz and the like. The rest of us are preaching fiscal responsability but targeting younger players. Talib, Vollmer great GM work. The best. Jenkins, Wilson, Washington.... Meh


    +1, if it costs you $22mil in dead money last year then you aren't being fiscally responsible signing 20 low-mid tier guys to find a small handful that play above their contracts but not enough to bring you over the hump. It's alright to go out and sign a very solid young player entering their prime instead of 4 vets and cutting 3 in camp. The Fitz's, Williams, and Revis's of the world are great but for their price also isn't being fiscal responsible on the other end of the spectrum. You have to balance it out where you get a couple top end pieces and maybe slightly pay more then you want to then supplement them with these lower end deals. There is no reason to be more then 5-10mil in dead cap and certaintly not $22mil because you signed 20 players with $1mil bonuses and end up cutting half in camp.



    I think it's a good sign when you are spending to the cap by bringing in 20(as you say) camp guys to see if they can beat out anybody on your SB caliber core for a roster spot. If they can't...then great, you already have a great team that makes it to the afc championship game 2 years in a row.

    We have as good a core group of players as any team in the LG. Disciplined coaching and game planning gets teams to perform on the biggest stage. Scoring 14 ppg won't win SB's in Rogers LG. Take it to the bank.

    BB is the longest tenured head coach in the LG. He has also lost more coaches then any head coach in the LG. It has an impact. This is a coaches LG....

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    Re: Performance based value courtesy of ProFootballFocus...

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    The other point about this is that starters get injured - not sure what the average missed games by 'starters' due to injury is in the NFL, but it is probably in the range of 64 (4x16) and 96 (6x16) games. That means you are relying on reserve players for significant time in every game. Having quality back-ups is one reason not to overspend on all your starters.

    People complain about BBs misses in FA and trades a lot - Ocho etc. but for the most part they have not been top of the market deals and they haven't crippled the team long term. And the successes have been great and at great prices.


    I agree with you here. You need depth more then ever, and BB has put us in position to field a championship contender every year( maybe not 2009 and the start of the defensive rebuild) by "building a team" and not blowing his wad on unproven FA types. Some fans do not realize having 1 of the best qbs in history also means you commit a significant portion of your cap to himfor 13 years) and it makes it more difficult to go after the tier 1 FA guys. Then we lock up our own home grown talent more then most teams. Look at the amount of money we have invested in our core...









    Look at the ravens. They had to cut half of their starters just to get joe flacco signed cause the guy had 1 great post season run. Look at the cowboys, they are hamstrung because they knew they had to give romo 50 million to keep him. They can't sign anybody in FA. Look at Pitt, or half the teams in the LG and the moves they were forced to make. The list goes on and on.

    The only other legit championship contender you see making as many moves as we have is denver. We have signed amendola, talib,volmer, wilson, Hoowy, 2 average receivers who played for bad qbs, arrington an undervalued cb, 2 cfl pass rushing prospects with solid potential, andstill have more cap room then most teams in the LG???.

    Ill take the BB formula all day everyday. It is proven, and unless your living under a rock, you know this is true.

    Before using the argument that having a quarterback like Brady handcuffs your salary cap and therefore doesn't allow you to go out and spend, consider this...

    A QB like Brady enables you to be a good team, correct? Good teams generally are picking somewhere around 25-32...bad teams (who don't have a QB like Brady) are selecting 1-10 year after year. How much does that end up costing? What's the price difference between say the 4th pick in the draft, compared to the 29th pick in the draft? 20 million in total contract dollars? More? Try doing that year, after year. Now try doing that year, after year, but also having to spend a pretty decent salary on some has been quarterback like Carson Palmer, or Donte Culpepper. All of the sudden the extra we have to spend is not that much different. I can remember the years when Miami was basically forced to select Ronnie Brown and pay him close to 40 million. Ronnie Brown!! The guy blew his knee out a year after proving just how average a player he was.

    At least we are paying for a guy that will cover up for mistakes and lead us to the playoffs every season...quite a luxury to have. When that luxury is gone it may be us picking in the top ten year, after year...and paying some retread QB 10 million a season. We also I imagine will be changing our fiscally tight philosophy when people stop going to the games.