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    Re: peter king...

    I don't care what King posts or anyone else when it comes to rankings. This isn't college football. All that matters are wins and loses, not who ranks us where and all that other bulls$8%.

    I for one don't mind the Pats flying somewhat under the radar for 2010, and then coming out gangbusters. 

    King is what everyone has stated on here...overrated and living off past success. He hasn't had an original thought in decades. Time for SI to drop this clown and get some new blood.
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    Re: peter king...

    Maybe King is extrapolating the Ravens beatdown of the Pats. One thing I think Kings is right about is that the Ravens are a strong team that got better. I like 3 adaptations that BB appears to be making IMO: 1) back to leadership/high character players; 2) back to smashmouth football with 2 tight end lineups; and tougher, bigger defensive players (a la Ravens); 3) shut down corner and blitzing linebacker schmes that worked for Jets. 4) drafting a Dallas Clark TE. So if all four aspects work out, the team has made strides in matching up with the relative strengths of 4 of its top 5 AFC rivals.