PFF breaks down Tom Brady's 2013 performance....still the one!

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    Re: PFF breaks down Tom Brady's 2013 performance....still the one!

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    I am pretty certain as loaded, young and deep as this team is in tremendous cap shape, BB has given Brady GOLDEN opportunities in the next 3-4 seasons at least with this teambuild off the lockout.  If he nails another draft next year, it just gets more dicey for Brady.

    Kinda funny how it all comes back to him and how he performs in the title game, isn't it?

    Everyone else has to play great, but him. Why is that, Cupcake?

    Belichick is still not taking your calls, huh?

    That's a shame, 'cause with your insight these problems could be rectified.

    Well, he did finally put the pressure on Brady for once by not coddling him with Brady's personal choices for WRs in order to pad stats like Gomie.

    The question is, will Brady actually play well for once?

    Will you be here if he doesn't again in the title game.

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    So he gave him crap for receivers so he wouldn't pad his stats?

    Makes perfect sense if you have a 52 IQ, not so much for anyone over 100.

    Shame, he still padded them, even with that crap.

    Did you just say on another post about Amaro that it's not good to have to depend on a rookie????

    How about 4?  Is that OK?


    Gronk is a future HOFer and who knows, maybe Hernandez could have had a great career if he wasn't interested in being a psycho.

    You're so stupid, you're stuck in your pink hat from 2007.  BB made this a two TE offense flipped the script on the entire NFL with those moves. Flipped the script to the point every team right now is copying BB, you moron.

    Brady can throw to others not just WRs, you video game playing moron.

    Brady was spoiled to the moon and back from 2010-2012 with his receiving options. He had binkies at WR and Pro Bowlers at TE who happened to be young.


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    Oh, did Gronk and Hernandez play much last year.?  How about the year before?  Were they ever on the field together?

    Hern was playing whitey Bulger and Gronk doing his best Amandola impersonation.  Awesome.

    What ever happened to that 2 TE juggernaut that beebee invented and every one's copying?

    Who were all those (other than rookies) TB had to throw to?  Slater and hooman?   BWAHAHA

    Seriously, I'm ecstatic you don't like Brady. 

    I'd have to question if he were any good, if you did.

    Your perception of what's good and bad is obviously twisted.

    That boney thing where your arm bends while you're typing, is called an elbow.

    That fat mound of flesh on your backside above your legs that you sit on while you're typing,

    is called your azz.

    Learn the difference.

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    Re: PFF breaks down Tom Brady's 2013 performance....still the one!

    Rusty continues his pattern ad nauseum.

    I wonder, did Brady take away Rusty's binky some time ago to make him so, apparently, angry towards TB? He is so consistently negative about this one player more than any I have ever seen anywhere. Each, and every, player has their ups and downs, good games and bad games, but, according to Rusty, Brady has more downs than most. He can't help himself.

    You can say Brady dresses nice and Rusty will come back with a comment that he doesn't in title games.

    AGCSBill, just a fan havin' fun!!