Philly is Peppers' fallback

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    Philly is Peppers' fallback

    Philly is Peppers' fallback

    Agent Carl Carey says that inking defensive end Julius Peppers is Chicago's "deal to lose."

    So what if they lose?

    Carey told Steve Reed of the Gaston Gazette that, if things don't work out in Chicago, Peppers will visit with the Eagles.

    It's looking less likely by the minute that Peppers will leave Chicago as anything but a member of the Bears.  Carey told Reed that the Bears have "extended an impressive contract offer."

    "Chicago will be our first visit and we don't want them looking over their shoulder worrying about other teams right now," Carey said.  "They were the first to call and they've made us a ballpark offer and it's good enough to where we'll make a visit.  Pending the outcome of that visit we may visit with Philadelphia and see where we are from there."

    So he doesn't want the Bears to look over their shoulders but there the Eagles are, over the Bears' shoulders. 

    Yep.  Tom Hagen.
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    Re: Philly is Peppers' fallback

    Whoever pays him what he is looking for is going to regret it. He is a 7-8 million a year player. Paying him twice that is insane. Especially with all the offensive issues the Bears have

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    Re: Philly is Peppers' fallback

    Like I mentioned earlier some team will pay Peppers 15-18M per year and he is nowhere near as good as Demarcus Ware (the only OLB I might give that kinda money too).