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Pioli Fired!

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    Re: Pioli Fired!

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    I'm not saying Pioli is terrible, I just think if he had Tom Brady and Bill Belichick at his disposal he'd be considered a genius as the Chiefs would be heading to probably their 2nd. or 3rd Super Bowl in the 4 years he was there. He doesn't have that...doesn't matter how much "value" or how responsible he was in spending worrying about the salary cap. When you don't have Tom Brady to cover up for your mistakes you are like most people in this league...fired. The "Patriot Way" couldn't save Pioli, Tom Brady could Belichick.

    Having the ability to pick up a gum wrapper in a stairway is not a talent, looking off a safety to get the coverage off your tight end is.

    You just stated what I said above. You need a coach. You need an owner. We have Kraft and BB here. It just so happens we also have a great QB.  Ted Thompson is a good GM in GB. They have a good coach and QB as well.

    It's pretty arrogant of you to pretend Pioli is average after sitting side by side with BB for 10 years. 2-3 years to make it happen is delusional on the part of Hunt, especially after sitting there with Marty Schottenheimer as your coach for 10 years, thinking it was a great idea.

    Again, Clark Hunt is cheap and never really paid for a coach there, until now.

    Two to three years to make it happen? Pioli had 4 years...hired not one, but two coaches. He traded for a "franchise QB"...what happened was both coaches failed miserably and the franchise QB turned out to be one of the five worst quarterbacks in the NFL. Does that equate to good? You want to give this guy another four years? Maybe let him hire another coach? Maybe they can pay more for a "better" coach and have the highest paid coach to go along with the highest paid GM? 

    The guy failed - he admitted to that today. It doesn't mean he can't balance a check book or iron his pants - it just means what we've been telling you all need the QB (Brady) and the coach. If you have neither, it won't matter about fiscal responsibility or won't win.

    That, and at least 3 other excellent players, 6-7 really good players, and another 10 good players.

    True..absolutely. The thing is you can have a couple of good drafts...sign some good players, but if you don't have that coach and QB?? Won't matter - yeah you can squeak into the playoffs once in a while, but are you going to be going to 5 Super Bowls in 10 years? Nope. 

    And really that's what Pioli did - he brought in a few good players here and there...had a good draft...had a bad one. Let some good players go....signed a few he shouldn't of. The problem is he had no Brady - all those mistakes would of been glossed over and all the correct decisions would of been magnified.

    I think there is a minority of people that think we win because of Patrick Chung and value - I think they're wrong. 

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    Re: Pioli Fired!

    Reports of Reid signing with the Chiefs might be linked to Pioli being let go. It'll be interesting to se if he has control over the roster and if he does then that would explain Pioli's heading out of town.