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Pit matched orrer sheet for Sanders

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    Re: Pit matched orrer sheet for Sanders

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    I am JintsFan-the man the myth the legend!



    Nah, you are just a troll plain and simple.


    The Man...The Myth...The Legend!


    Like Eli

    the fact that you think you are a legend on a sports forum, says all that is need to be known about you.

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    Re: Pit matched orrer sheet for Sanders

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    Merely exercising his first amendment right. Didn't realize professional help was necessary for opining a personal view on this forum. When will the hate stop?


    Well you say your comment and leave it at that.  Reasonable discussion IMO.  Him? he antagonizes , stalks rusty, gloats and says a number of things that are offensive .  He does spend a lot of time on this web site. I'd venture to guess if he was more reasonable he would be engaged more in conversation.  Seeing queenie this and queenie that in every post it gets old. Just my opinion



    now phil i often engage in pure football on and off the field talk-i would say during the season season gets us all in a bored mood


    rusty? been banned 12 times shoud have been banned permanently and 85% off all the trouble will go with him if he was-and I don't "Stalk" anyone but i do feel it's my civic and social duty to put an arrogant, egomaniacal know-it-all stereotype in his place now and then and this off season a lot more now!

    and i do not nor have i ever "gloated"...but when my team/gm/hc/qb is disparaged i feel the need to defend a fan you can surely understand that


    You were just in the photo shop thread stalking him. You call Kraft cheep them say how you admire him.  Your civic duty you sound like babe, he said the same thing. One  thing that rusty will always have over you is that he is a pats fan.  Your not, so that makes you a troll. You spend more time here then I do. You mocked southern people cause they love Jesus. offend lots of people at once then claim innocence. at least Rex is obnoxious all the time you try to do it with stealth, poor stealth at that let me add.  


    phil please...i am having a little fun most of the time and some of you-maybe most-have no sense of humor-that is all that post to TFB was are gonna tell me a pic of Bill Parcells and the Burger King is not funny? come on lighten up even Bellichick would laugh

    as to your "Jesus" thing it is not mocking it is stating an observation that is based on reality that i see, have experienced first hand and one that grows stronger as i see it...there is no "stealth" here, no innocent act, no spinning or twisting I state it fully and clearly again for you:

    I think there are way too many "Christians" who are ignorant, hateful, rigid, intolerant and dangerous to this country-period. The so-called "Religious Right" is America's equivalent to the Taliban, is just as fanatical, ignores the separation of church and state established by our forefathers and will do everything in their power to turn America into a Theocracy-and they would employ the same methods every other group of fanatics will if given the opportunity and power, just like the Taliban

    sorry but Jesus is great-some of His disciples aren't-not all Phil so don't go twisting what i said and i did not say you b/c I don't know you to say that...but the bad ones are bad news

    take it as you see it Phil but thatis as clear as I can state it

    and while I will make a contribution from time to time I do not like to talk politics, religion, economics on a football board-thats not what it's for

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    Re: Pit matched orrer sheet for Sanders

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    ah pcm it is most certainly not a non-sequitor of any sort it is a simple fact of perception and human nature as I have stated

    if you have won then the pressure to win abates and now the tack is in remaining competitve or if possible winning again-but it's a different scenerio than when you haven't won-and it follows that the mood and expressions of the media and your fanbase will change accordingly

    Yes that makes perfect sense.  The FO should approach team building differently if they have won recently because if they haven't they have to spend like drunken sailors to retain every player who hits FA in order to appease their fanbase and the media.  Oh wait that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.  Are you seriously arguing with a straight face that the FO should be worried about what the media and the fans think of them?  They should care about building a winner.  THAT IS THEIR JOB.

    In response to 42AND46's comment:

    how a GM goes about building and/or rebuilding his team will most certainly be affected to some degree by this, and this goes for individual players as well...if a team has won-and more than once-already with a player or group of players they will approach this differently than if they hadn't won-you cannot help but do so

    Good GMs should not be affected by this at all.  You are an idiot.


    In response to 42AND46's comment:

    my point is specifically speaking to Pats pursuit of sanders/letting welker walk and giants letting osi walk-again letting a DE Osi's age walk after a less than productive season when he was already part of a winning team -twice as well-is a lot different than not ponying up an extra 500K for a needed WR or worse in my mind letting the most productive WR in the NFL the past 5-6 years coming off his usual numbers walk for an unproven often injured player when you have not won in years over money-especially in an off season where all i hear is how the "brilliant" GM has a ridiculous amount of cap room

    Osi is the same age as Welker yet age is an issue with him despite the fact that Welker has taken way more of a pounding the past few years and is a smaller guy.  Oh look another double standard from you. 

    As for the offer for Sanders I find it highly amusing that the Patriots are cheap yet it was Pitt who tried to sneak Sanders through RFA at a salary of half of what NE offered.  I guess Pitt was being fiscally prudent right?  Once again you are an idiot. 

    As for Wes it has been pointed out ad nauseum that Amendola is in no way getting paid what Welker is.  He will only get Wes' money if he is productive as Wes in which case it was a good deal because he is younger and can be lined up all over the field. 

    As for the unproven bit who the hell was Welker before he came to NE.  Oh wait another "unproven" WR that Bill wasted money on right?  You make it sound like the Patriots haven't done anything in FA and just let Wes walk.  They resigned Talib one of the better FA corners.  They resigned Arrington who is a valuable ST and a slot corner.  They resigned Vollmer who is the best RT in the game.  They signed a potentially great player in Amendola.  They signed Adrian Wilson and Tommy Kelly.  They could still bring in Abraham.  They have spent plenty of money this offseason.

    Just admit that you are a moron who likes to whine about the Pats being cheap without any evidence whatsoever and that when other teams do the exact same things that NE does you don't call them cheap.  I like how you keep ignoring the contracts of Gronk and Hernandez or Mankins and Wilfork.  What about Brady's last contract before the recent extension.  Yeah the Pats were real cheap paying him almost 20 million a year.  Learn the game troll.


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    Re: Pit matched orrer sheet for Sanders

    In response to 42AND46's comment:

    phil please...i am having a little fun most of the time and some of you-maybe most-have no sense of humor-that is all that post to TFB was are gonna tell me a pic of Bill Parcells and the Burger King is not funny? come on lighten up even Bellichick would laugh


    Wasn't sure where you were going with this, lol!!

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    Re: Pit matched orrer sheet for Sanders

    Tender blunder costs Steelers $500,000


    Posted by Mike Florio on April 15, 2013, 10:15 PM EDT Emmanuel SandersAP

    Regardless of whether the Steelers made the right decision to match the one-year, $2.5 million offer to retain receiver Emmanuel Sanders, the truth is that the entire escapade easily could have been avoided if the Steelers had made a better decision regarding the tender offer given to Sanders.

    By going with the third-round tender at a cost of $1.3 million for a one-year deal, the Steelers tempted the Patriots to sign Sanders to an offer sheet.  If the Steelers had gone with a second-round tender at roughly $2 million, the Patriots likely would not have tried to sign Sanders.

    It’s a dynamic that was explained by Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette during Monday’s PFT Live.

    So by trying to save $700,000, the Steelers cost themselves an extra $500,000.

    The ultimate winner is Sanders, who gets another $1.2 million than the Steelers wanted to pay.  And unless the Steelers make him a much larger offer, Sanders will hit the open market in 2014.