Pitt can't match...unless

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    Re: Pitt can't match...unless

    I love how the same dope that has ruined this forum blames Brady for 3 mistakes, when he handled the ball 55 times during that game and was the main factor in us a having the longest scoring drive in Super Bowl history. He also was lights out on our other scoring drive going 7 for 7...despite no running game, missing Gronk and being under constant pressure. If we had won that game Brady would of won the MVP...hands down..nobody on our team even close (especially on our pathetically average D). FACT.

    That may of been the most pathetically average defense I have ever seen going into that game...and one of the worst defenses that has ever played in a Super Bowl. This place will turn into a ghost town after Brady retires or starts to decline...tumble weeds will roll through the Disney Land that is Patriot Place. I can see it now...we are reporting live from CBS Scene and we are the only ones here..the Patriots just lost another heart breaker 21-10. So Steve Deossie, what went wrong this week? Well Kyle Arrington isn't very good and Vinny Testerverde is our quarterback (there were younger guys available, but they cost too much).

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    Re: Pitt can't match...unless

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    The Pats offered Emmanuel Sanders a 1 year 2.5 million dollar contract to steal him from AFC rival Pittsburgh Steelers, but the ball is in Pittsburgh's court as they now have a chance to match the Pats offer. To retain Sanders, Pitt has to be willing to pay that 2.5 mill...


    Here's where the genius of Bill Belichick sets in, Pitt only has 1.9 million in free cap space. We'll know if Pitt wants Samuel or not, they'll have to cut someone or restructure someone's contract. 


    In other words...BB > Pitt...as usual.


    I think the genius is that he's not doing a multi year deal. If he did, Pitt might be able to make it work easier.


    That's the genius.

    This is what Tony Mazz and Felger don't get. They kept whining with those high pitched voices all afternoon yesterday, but BB won't be throwing a 3rd to sign Sanders to 1 year here. If he offered a multi year deal, Pitt coud spread it out and maybe handle another roster mover after 2013.

    BB has the screws put to Colbert right now and RKrap andMt Puuke still don't get it.

    If they do get him, which the more time goes by, it appears they will, BB will then extend Sanders to a 3 or 4 year deal in camp or before the season starts.

    That way he controls the contract. At least, that is the hope. Sanders will get a signiifcant raise, long term security, etc.

    What you're seeing now with Pitt, the Giants, Ravens, etc, essentially all these GMs that peopl have been saying are better than BB, are cleary not better in terms of salary allocation, reading markets, etc. Not even close.

    Can you imagine if BB had drafted Mike Wallace or had a good WR that was needed what was drafted 3 years ago, who are now gone, simply because of poor salary allocation?  This board would be asking for him to resign.

    This is exactly the kind of stuff I've been talking about with BB in recent years. He has leverage to pick and choose who he wants in FA in 2013 and 2014.

    Utter genius.




    GIANTS 2


    RAVENS 1

    PATS 0


    There is only one defending champ... that would be the Ravens... so unless you are a ravens fan you have no gloating rights troll. BTW, did the NYG even make the playoffs last year?



    as usual u missed the point




    No I didn't miss any point... the reason you are here is because you are a snarky, smarmy, slimy, gloating troll.


    nope just talking football and when we talk 42 and 46 it involves my team


    i am just offering a little perspective to Rusty's and i never bring up my team unless people like u denigrate and disparage them then i defend my team but otherwise i stay on topic

    and i am NOT slimy! i shower everyday


     based on this response we can add self absorbed.



    i shower every day!




    And now we can add clueless


    Southern ct baby.    Thinks barracuda live in Canada too.  Ha ha. Survivor, last one to leave the island.   Tell us again about how you don't gloat.   



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    Re: Pitt can't match...unless

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    The Pats get in the big games and they are out coached and beaten by more all around talented teams.  They can't put it all on TFB's shoulders.  Montana couldn't do it all himself, he was surrounded by talent.  Elway couldn't do it all himself, he didn't win SB's until he had good talent around him.  Name me 1 QB who won a SB without talent around him?  It's no secret, the Patriots are praised year in and year out to be very good with less talented teams, but it catches up to them in the big games when they face more all around talented teams.  Sure injuries hurt the Pats in big games but it's part of the game, gotta be prepared for that.  Who's shoulders does that fall on? 


    People on this board have no idea what an untalented team looks like.  We haven't had one in years.  This lack of talent thing is just stupid.  Look every team (even ones that win the SB) have rosters that can be upgraded.  It is part of the game in the salary cap era.  Let's consider the last SB against the Giants.  I would argue the Patriots had a more talented QB, OL and TE corps.  The Giants had a more talented DL and WR and RB corps (Ridley might have had as much talent as a dinged up Bradshaw, but BJGE was the starter at that point).  The Giant's secondary was practically as bad as ours that season and their linebacking corps was nothing special and certainly wasn't head and shoulders above ours.  I mean christ we had 4 players make an all-pro team and the Giants had 2.  They won the game, but not because they were more talented.  If we had more talent would we have won?  Sure, but that is a dumb argument.   You can always have more talent and the 2011 team did not lose because the Giants had more.



    Totally agree. The "lack of talent" line is one the media uses, so Trolls and Irrationals use it too, to bash our GM, BB.


    It's been very convenient as he's been the fall guy for some players simply not executing in big games of late. as he's had some great drafts and been brilliant in and out of the lockout in avoiding a potential major teambuilding bulge in these upcoming seasons.

    But, yeah, the only thing the Giants had over our team was experience. That's it.

    They had a veteran, intact team for years, essentially the same club as 2007s.



    they were not essentially the same club...some yes but the same club as 07? not really

    and as far as pcm's idea that ridley is a wash with ahmad bradshaw? oh boy...

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    Re: Pitt can't match...unless