Pitt can't match...unless

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    Re: Pitt can't match...unless

    I love how the same dope that has ruined this forum blames Brady for 3 mistakes, when he handled the ball 55 times during that game and was the main factor in us a having the longest scoring drive in Super Bowl history. He also was lights out on our other scoring drive going 7 for 7...despite no running game, missing Gronk and being under constant pressure. If we had won that game Brady would of won the MVP...hands down..nobody on our team even close (especially on our pathetically average D). FACT.

    That may of been the most pathetically average defense I have ever seen going into that game...and one of the worst defenses that has ever played in a Super Bowl. This place will turn into a ghost town after Brady retires or starts to decline...tumble weeds will roll through the Disney Land that is Patriot Place. I can see it now...we are reporting live from CBS Scene and we are the only ones here..the Patriots just lost another heart breaker 21-10. So Steve Deossie, what went wrong this week? Well Kyle Arrington isn't very good and Vinny Testerverde is our quarterback (there were younger guys available, but they cost too much).

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    Re: Pitt can't match...unless