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Don't want to drag the euphoria down, but as usual Brady can't hit the bomb most times. Thus, the deep threat isn't going to help this team. I'd say only about 40% of the time will he hit his target like he did Welker today. (a quick turn to the right and Revis would not have corrected and caught him) But a thing of beauty when it happens.
Posted by 3SB-rings

Actually it's been proven that if you preface your statement with "don't want to drag the euphoria down but" then you are lying because you really do want to "drag the euphoria down". If you really didn't want to drag the euphoria down, you wouldn't have typed anything. Also, just so you know, that particular opening statement is only used by trolls. Another thing you should know is that hitting on 40% of your throws over 30 yards is much better than the average QB. And since this thread had nothing to do with Brady throwing bombs you should know that is also a tactic used by trolls. So, like my granddaddy used to say, "if it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it probably is a duck'" Therefore you must be that ever elusive troll that tries to fool everyone by taking a name that only a troll would think a fan wouldn't believe a troll would take.