Players must buy in!!!!!

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    Players must buy in!!!!!

    BB has lost control of this team. And much of it is because his players don't buy into the system anymore. It's one thing to loose - but let the players do the loosing!! Lets face it here. Players know when it's on them and they know when coaches are going to sink them even when they should win!! Our coaches are most of the problem!! And the play calling is a big factor, BIG!! When players know the coaches calling the shots are not very bright they start to loose faith. And it happens very fast!!

    Just look at BB on the sideline. He looks lost. Listen to him when he talks about the team. WE MUST GET BETTER!!! WE GOT OUT COACHED!!! Same story every week...

    Heck - Just call a good game and we wouldn't be in this position!!

    When your up by 10 don't sit on the ball when it's only the 3rd quarter!!!! Or early in the 4th!!! You know 3 running plays and punt...

    Just a lot of dumb things being called out there...
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    Re: Players must buy in!!!!!

    1. It is very likely that the poor coaching, especially on offense has challenged the morale of the team.  BB is likely being blamed for O'Brian's shortcomings, his questionable calls, and his trades by a select few players.  

    2. True professionals show up and give it their utmost regardless of the competence level or mistakes made by their boss.  True professionals will do their best always because they can't find a switch on their body to turn it off.  It doesn't exist.  Brady is a good example of that.

    3. There are always problem children in any organization.  Sometimes they are talented, and sometimes they are not.  Negativity and bad attitudes are more contagious than the H1N1 Flu; especially when they come from the senior ranks.  BB will serve himself well if he disposes of any such players in the offseason.

    4. I doubt BB has "lost" this team.  He might have lost a few players, but the team is 53 in size.  That said, if guys like Thomas are undermining BB in the locker room, like I said, it is contagious.  Get rid of him in the offseason.

    5. True professionals know that everyone makes mistakes, even their leaders.  If you work for someone who has always done a great job year after year and then one year steps on it a bit, you should double your efforts, not reduce them.  Why?  Because the guy earned your respect.  I would hope that BB has done enough to earn the respect of his players.  Those who disrespect him at the first sign of trouble have little character anyway.

    All that said, expect an interesting offseason.