Players to keep an eye on...

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    Re: Players to keep an eye on...

    The Fastest RB available is LeMarcus Coker JR. he played for Hampton University.
    His ranking at this point in time isn't very high but if you want a true sleeper here's the RB sleeper,his fastest 40 time has been clocked at 4.28 and he thinks in a race light pole to light pole he could beat Chris Johnson from the Titans. He had good numbers this season but again he played in a very weak conference.Well I'll be interested to see if he gets a job.He was originally a member of the University of Tennessee Vols,he was cut from the team for failing several drug tests. Hopefully for his sakes he has put his child toys away.
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    Re: Players to keep an eye on...

    Leadership, a high need for the Patriots-- Myron Rolle ss- has that and all the rest. round 2 choice.

    Hughes, olb, ditto leadership, and all the rest, round 2.

    Dansby, olb, Arizone- FA sign, if he doesn't demand the sky.

    Odrick, de, leadership again, and he has all the rest. Draft at #22.

    Kyle Wilson, cb, best  cb in the draft, take in round 2

    Then, Arenas cb , altho- 5'9" cb, 

    Lupati, and or Calloway ol men, fit right in as starters, to complete
    OL upgrade. Best o- lineman in the draft.