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    The Ravens look tough Tex. At least your team will get 1 playoff win this year, unlike the past 2 seasons.

    agree on all accounts except the Pack. I'll take the dirty Birds led by Michael 'the burner' Turner.  (he was worth a 1st & 3rd back when discussed it)
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    In Response to Re: PLAYOFF PICKS:
    The Ravens look tough Tex. At least your team will get 1 playoff win this year, unlike the past 2 seasons.
    Posted by jbolted

    Shouldn't you take the playoffs off like your bolts?
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    In Response to Re: PLAYOFF PICKS:
    In Response to Re: PLAYOFF PICKS :      Come on, Bolt! I expect this sort of post from Underdog(gggg), not from you. I too see a Ravens/Pats finale. Though I think that the Ravens pose the greatest threat to their chances, I like my boys...and welcome the opportunity to see them avenge last years' playoff debacle.       Turning to your Beloveds, do you think continuing on with Norv is the right way for them to go? What do they do about Vincent Jackson? Do you think that they're actually a better team without Shawne Merriman? What do you think that the Chargers must do to regain dominance in their division...and to establish themselves as a legitimate contender for the SB?
    Posted by TexasPat3

    The Ravens had the ball for 40 minutes. They're my pick as champ as of now.
    Last post season vs BAL adds some credence. Unless the CB's of Baltimore utterly choke, and with a real power game -unlike NYJ - these guys are legit. We'll see if they 'fail fast first', but I say no.
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    In Response to Re: PLAYOFF PICKS:
         Gary Myers of the NY Daily News is the Rex Ryan of NY sports reporters. Myers chastises Tom Brady for being out with his wife on the town, instead of watching the Jets/Colts game. <snip... />Posted by TexasPat3

    Maybe TB has one of those "DVR" things...  I hear they're pretty good.
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    I wouldn't get too carried away bowing and scraping before the Ravens after their dismantling of the Chefs. As was pointed out here a week ago, Kansas City is only marginally the best of a bad lot from the AFC Worst. The only winning team they beat all year was schizophrenic San Dago (which explains why jbolt now sees Baltimore as a juggernaut), and those of us with an objective view of Matt Cassel saw this coming from far leagues. Bitchburgh won't be turning the ball over five times, unless I miss my guess, and Baltimore certainly isn't going to intimidate them. Take the familiarity factor into account, and the Ravens are closer to the team that struggled and flailed against the mighty Bungles in week 17 than the team that jogged past an inept Chefs squad yesterday. Home field takes this one, and I'm thinking it won't be all that close.

    Steelers 24-13

    Green Bay . . .  Green Bay . . .   oh my, but doesn't everybody love Green Bay? And why not? The Packers snuck into the tournament with a coma-inducing vitory over the enigmatic Chicago Bears -- somebody please tell me how this team ended up a #2 seed -- and yesterday they very nearly re-gifted a win to the Iggles that Philly had wrapped up and put a bow on for them. Watching that game, it was clear that the Packers were the superior team. They dominated play for most of the afternoon, and yet, Philly would have won that thing with half a kicker, and if Michael Vick -- and, by extension, Andy Reid -- weren't such colossal morons. Everyone is going to be talking this week about the rejuvenated Packers running game, but Atlanta is not Philadelphia, and what looks easy against the Iggs is problematic when your opponent actually plays defense. The Falcons play a more versatile style of offense that relies less heavily on the home-run play than Philly, and should be able to take advantage of the frenetic Green Bay pressure. We'll find out soon enough if Matty Ice has graduated into the pros. This ain't BC and that won't be Virginia Tech across the line of scrimmage, but I think Atlanta will stay closer than Philly did, and here again, home field gets it done.

    Atlanta 20-17

    As noted above, I have no idea what the Chicago Bears are doing at #2. The more I watch of these playoffs, the more I become convinced that the entire National Conference simply stinks on ice. I'm tempted to jump on the Seattle bandwagon here. As much as I hate the Packers, it would amuse me greatly to see Seattle and Green Bay take out Chicago and Atlanta, so that the 7-9 Slewhawks could host the NFC Championship Game . . .   but in real life, there's just no way. Away from the friendly confines, the 'Hawks are a different team -- although it's worth pointing out that Seattle did, in fact, spank the Bears in their own house earlier this season. I doubt that's worth much here, but one thing Seattle was able to do against N'awlins that surprised me was to pressure Drew Brees. If they can chase Cutler outside and make him throw on the run, he'll turn the ball over. More likely, Chicago will be able to run all over the 'Hawks and never put Cutler in compromising situations. On defense, do not expect the Bears to let Seattle's receivers get behind them as often as N'awlins did. The Bears just might be the weakest two seed I've ever seen. They can be had, but Seattle isn't the team to do it.

    Bears 27-10

    Well . . .   it's only been one day, and already all I'm hearing is how 45-3 was an aberration, and Rex Ryan and bold New Jersey are going to have something for the Pats come Sunday night.

    Just keep talking, boys.

    What we saw the last time New Jersey came to Foxboro (and the time before that) is what we will see again. Sanchez can't handle the big time. I know it. You know it. He knows it.

    I'm not even going to bother breaking this thing down.

    Where is mighty and his toaster?

    Patriots 38-13

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    In Response to Re: PLAYOFF PICKS:
    In Response to Re: PLAYOFF PICKS : didn't answer my questions about your Bolts. What do you think about keeping Norv, the Vincent Jackson situation, and cutting ties with Merriman?      Incidently, you do realize that the Jets win over the Colts brings your lovables the Jets' second round pick instead of their third, via the Cromartie trade?
    Posted by TexasPat3
    I knew about the 2 for Cro. I think your toughest game of the post season will be the AFCCG. If you win that, its #4 more then likely. I think keeping Norv is a mistake, but, there arent many options THIS off season. Jim Harbaugh would be intriging, No to the Chin, No to Chucky, No to McD. No to Shumur. I'd say yes to Lebeau if he wasnt so old. harbaugh coached at USD (not SDSU) 5 years ago and lit it up then. my biggest beef is with Spanos.  VJ is in his prime(just starting it), better sign or tag him.  Merriman is done, you hope.
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    I’m quite pleased that all seven out of my seven top-ranked nfl teams have made the divisional round of the playoffs.  Yayyy system!  Then there’s that court jester to round things out.  With their two notably significant victories in the past two weeks, Seattle has thundered ahead of the Carolina Panthers in raw abilities if the season restarted tomorrow, not counting the 2011 draft of course.

    Here are my own all-numeric rankings and ratings, based on margins of victory with more weight for recent games.

    NFL rank / team / my rating, reduced to an NFL standard 8.00 average wins per season and with an average variance of 2.35 wins per season.

    1   ne   17.1   You may have noticed a statistical problem here.

    2   gb   13.3

    3   pit   12.8

    4   atl   11.7

    5   chi   11.0

    6   bal   10.8

    7   nyj   10.6

    30   sea   2.6   Yep.  Thirtieth out of 32 teams in the NFL!

    and my point spreads

    home/visitor/my points / the betting public / difference

    bal   pit    6.1   3.5   2.6

    gb   atl    0.7   2   -1.3

    sea   chi    15.6   10   5.6

    nyj   ne    12.7   8.5   4.2

    Game of the week:

    Sorry, but the Seattle game just sticks out more than the Gillette game.  Chicago to cruise big. 

    Note that I didn’t say a word about Seattle versus the point spread last week.  I left that one alone.  I wisely chose Green Bay last week, and I also noted the Jets (meh!) being even with the Colts (also meh!).  This is fun when you get them right, but a good day isn't a consistent trend.

    Minor pick:  New England to roll, above and beyond their point spread. 

    My numbers lean a little towards Pittsburgh but it's not that significant.

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    In Response to Re: PLAYOFF PICKS:
    In Response to Re: PLAYOFF PICKS :      I'd be more than satisfied with your scenario, my friend! Do you think that the 9 point spread is too high for the Pats to cover, assuming that they win?
    Posted by TexasPat3

    If you're into conspiracy theories Bill Leavy's crew is officiating the Game Sunday. I was looking for official stats but only found some notes on ESPN that his crew calls the fewest Defensive PI Penalties in the NFL. Combine that with the fact that the Jets corners are trained to hold on every play and the 9 point line could be in jeapordy.
    Also people might remember that Bill Leavy was the main man when Pittsburgh beat the Seahawks in the Superbowl. How's that for Black Helicopter material?
    Goodell played this one perfect. Like Roth setting up Pentangeli.
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    1.) (13-4) Baltimore Ravens (+3) @ (12-4) Pittsburgh Steelers: PICK: Steelers;

    2.) (11-6) Green Bay Packers (+2) @ (13-3) Atlanta Falcons: PICK: Packers;

    3.) (8-9) Seattle Seahawks (+10) @ (11-5) Chicago Bears: :
    PICK: Bears;

    4.) (12-5) New York Jets (+9) @ (14-2) New England Patriots: PICK: Patriots