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    "Though the rivalry here isn't that of the Jets/Patriots, these teams don't like each other."

    What a myopic statement.  I think most people nation wide would disagree with you.  The Jets haven't been a factor in a decade while Pitt/Balt  have been play-off fixtures for a decade. It is like the Yankees/Red Sox stuff.  People outside of the north east don't care nearly as much as people in the north east think they do. 

    Yesterday on a poll question asked what game are you most excited about and Ravens/Steelers won by a longshot, even in Illinois(Bears) and New York. 
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    The rivalry question gets skewed because the media portrays Belichick and Ryan as larger-than-life, while the Bitchburgh-Baltimore rivalry doesn't really have a personality . . .   the teams just hate each other. Even the widest yap on either of those teams -- Terrell Thuggs (yeah, that's right killa, I said it again) -- can't stop gobbing about Tom Brady, no matter which team he's lining up against that particular week.

    Calmy has a point. Sure, Pats fans hate the Jests, but New Jersey has only been nationally relevant for a couple years. People in indifferent markets are bemused by them because Ryan is a clownish figure and they either find him comic, or they are sick of listening to his blather.,

    Converesly, although you hear less smack and the game itself is likely to be far less entertaining (depending upon what entertains you), the Steelers-Ravens rivalry carries more playoff cache' and both of those teams are legitimate Super Bowl contenders . . .

    Which New Jersey is not.
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    In Response to Re: PLAYOFF PICKS:
         Gary Myers of the NY Daily News is the Rex Ryan of NY sports reporters. Myers chastises Tom Brady for being out with his wife on the town, instead of watching the Jets/Colts game. He also follows suit with Ryan, taking a swipe at Brady because he gets lots of help from BB.       Finally, Myers ends his tirade by claiming that, if the Jets win Sunday, it will be the second greatest triumph in team history...behind the SB 3 win, which took place over 40 years ago:
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Anyone who thinks players do their film study by watching live broadcasts of games is a complete moron.
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    In Response to Re: PLAYOFF PICKS:
    In Response to Re: PLAYOFF PICKS : do know that Jim Harbaugh took the 49ers' head coaching job? Why no to "The Chin"? It seems that the Chargers need a butt kicker. Aren't you sick and tired of those poor seasonal starts, and poor special teams' play? Sorry, but that's a reflection on Norv.       It looks like DC Ron Rivera will be getting the Carolina head coaching job. Who do the Bolts bring in to replace him?      As for VJ, perhaps the Chargers should have traded him for the two second rounders, which Seattle was supposedly willing to offer? Contract issues seemed to serve as a distraction for the Bolts this past season. They need to either sign VJ, or trade him go before 2011 training camp.   
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Of Course I knew harbaugh took the 9ers $, but I would 've welcomed him here. The Chin is close friends with Marty and one of the most overrated coaches in the history of football. 14 years with a great organization & only 1 gift wrapped bowl win. he had alot of talent all those  years in PA. Not to mention the extremely generic offense employed. The Chin wont get a big time job again IMO. Maybe tier 2 but not tier 1.
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    In Response to PLAYOFF PICKS:
         Even though the play-offs have technically "began", they really haven't begun, until this coming weekend. The pretenders in each conference, save for the Seattle Seahawks, have been eliminated. The contenders remain. Here are my picks: 1.) (13-4) Baltimore Ravens (+3) @ (12-4) Pittsburgh Steelers: Should be yet another bruising heavyweight fight between these two teams. Though the rivalry here isn't that of the Jets/Patriots, these teams don't like each other. The key to this game will be whether the Steelers can generate a running game, and whether Troy Polamalu is anywhere near 100%. My guess is, "no" to both. But for a foolish play call in Baltimore, the Buzzards would have swept the Goths this year. Pittsburgh's OL woes will be telling: PICK: Buzzards; 2.) (11-6) Green Bay Packers (+2) @ (13-3) Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons beat the Packers earlier this season, 20-17, last Nov. 28th, in Atlanta. Though the Packers have the better defense, Atlanta is very tough when playing in a dome. Unlike the Packers, they also have a balanced offensive attack, with a running game, spear-headed by RB Michael Turner. The Packers remind me of the 2007 Giants, as they appear to have gained confidence after losing a competitive game to the Patriots.: PICK: Packers; 3.) (8-9) Seattle Seahawks (+10) @ (11-5) Chicago Bears: I can understand why the Seahawks are being disrespected. But, after an inspiring win over a pretty good Saints team, the spread is still ten points? Some of you may recall that on October 17th, the Seahawks beat the Bears in Chicago, 23-20. I don't think that the Bears are ten points better than almost anybody: PICK: Seahawks; 4.) (12-5) New York Jets (+9) @ (14-2) New England Patriots: Don't expect Rex Ryan or his boys to pop off too much this week. Even they aren't that stupid, having learned a painful lesson last time they visited Foxboro. Look for the Jets to try to ground and pound, against the Pats' injury depleted DL. The Jets have the WRs to keep the Pats' honest on defense. Expect them to get pain in the neck TE, Dustin Keller, heavily involved in the offense. I hope that the Patriots were watching what Seattle did to the Saints. The December 6th 45-3 blow-out means nothing...other than the fact that it gave them home field advantage in this game. The Jets have the talent to play with anybody. Anything less than the Pats' "A" game will result in an embarrassing upset loss. Surely, no one on this team wants to go through another experience like the 17-14 SB loss, in 2007. Spotting a good team like the Jets nine (9) points, is the epitome of arrogance, in what should be a tough game. But, the Patriots have been surprising me all season. Time for them to shut Rex and his boys up, for good:  PICK: Patriots                   Thoughts/analysis/predictions...especially on the Pats game?  
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Good analysis, Texas, but for one thing; even another total butt whipping won't shut up the NY blowhards. They'll have excuses. That's just who they are.
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    LIKE your pick on the hawks, they will win. green  bay over atlanta is also a good one although it wont shock me if it gies the other way by a FG. same with your ravens pick.. GREAT JOB! i agree with all 4! iam going to vegas on you man....
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    In Response to Re: PLAYOFF PICKS:
    The Ravens look tough Tex. At least your team will get 1 playoff win this year, unlike the past 2 seasons. agree on all accounts except the Pack. I'll take the dirty Birds led by Michael 'the burner' Turner.  (he was worth a 1st & 3rd back when discussed it)
    Posted by jbolted

    "At least"

    That is ther key word correct?
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    Baltimore 20 Pitt 17
    Chicago 31 Seattle 17
    Green Bay 27 Atlanta 24
    New England 28 NY 17

    New England 27 Baltimore 20
    Green Bay 21 Chicago 20

    New England 32
    Green Bay 29

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    Two more reasons to lean farther toward the Patriots:

    Brady buys his offensive line some pretty good gifts every year, and when an average cornerback (not even a linebacker like Joey Porter or purple-face from Miami last year) runs his mouth, the entire team's response is to:

    1.  Make sure to beat up on the Jets.

    2.  Make sure to make Cromartie the goat when possible.  This guy is 211 pounds, really fat for a cornerback, and hasn't a prayer of keeping up with quick explosion guys like Welker, Deion Branch and Edelman on the option route.

    3.  Be quite physical with Cromartie.

    Rex also has a big mouth to be shut.

    The other Jets problem is no Damien Woody.  Wayne Hunter was signed to a 1 year contract for $1.2 million last March.  Translation:  if anyone wants Wayne Hunter for $1.5 million next year, take him!  As a fill-in against Pittsburgh Hunter has been capable, but he's not Woody.  Woody signed a 5 year contract for $25 million in 2008, and I can only congratulate Woody for taking care of his family with that contract.

    The problem with Hunter is first that the Jets will croak without a running game, and Hunter won't help as much as Woody.  Second, BB is going to go blitz-crazy on passing downs and Hunter will need to coordinate his act with the rest of the line.
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    My realistic predicitions for this weekend are: the Ravens over the Steelers, The

    Bears over the Seahawks, the Packers over Atlanta and the New England Partiots over the Jets by 17 points.  These are no-brainer picks!

    The SuperBowl contenders are the Patriots versus the Greenbay Packers! - and
    the winner of that contest is: I'll tell you at a later time just to keep you guessing!

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    Patriots, Ravens, Bears, Falcons
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    Pats,Steelers,The Bears and the team to   beat in the nfc The Green Bay Packers.
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    Okay, I'll play - one guy's two cents:

    Pittsburgh over Baltimore:  24 to 19
    Chicago over Seattle:  28-24 (Seattle covers the spread)
    Atlanta over Green Bay:  30-24 (I'm smelling OT)
    New England over NYJ:  27-17

    New England over Pittsburgh:  26-21
    Atlanta over Chicago:  31-21

    New England over Atlanta:  31-27