No matter what happens tonight in the jets game, we will be playing Baltimore. If the jets win, Pats will keep the 3rd seed. The win will give the jets the 5th seed, which will give the ravens the 6th, which means we would face them. If the jets loose, we will end up with the 4th seed and Cincinnati would get the 3rd. With a jets loss, Houston would end up with the 6th seed and Baltimore would move up to the 5th. With the Pats having a 4th seed, it means we will play the 5th seed which will be the Ravens. If we win having the 4th seed, we will play Indy in the next round. If we win with the 3rd, we will play San diego. I would personally like the 3rd seed, because i can see the Bengals beating the Colts in the second round, and if the Pats play the Chargers, we will have home field in the AFC Championship. I know it's kind of confusing, but no my point is that no matter what happens tonight, we will play the Ravens