Playoffs not Scary --

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    Playoffs not Scary --

    I know, especially with the loss of Welker, the Patriots might not be your typical dream team ... but is anyone this year??

    Besides maybe the Chargers and their 11-game win streak, is there anyone quite that scary on the AFC road to the Super Bowl?

    Even without Welker, to me, every team is beatable this year with the right game plan formula. 

    I think the Pats could still beat anyone in the AFC, even without Welker, as long as the Defense from the Jags game shows up along with Wilfork and Warren. (We know we should have won in Indy and now they've shown that they're soft ... they were afraid of getting hurt, they were afraid of the pressure of 19-0 ... at least we have warriors on our team who aren't afraid of the physicality of the game they get million$ to play ... if you're not hurt, of course you're gonna play. No problems whatsoever with Wes being Wes out there yesterday. Without contact, I'm sure that knee was waiting to blow at any moment anyways ... )

    Honestly, only a trip to San Diego would be intimidating. But if we make it there we'll have a 2-game playoff win-streak behind us and perfect weather. Anything could happen....

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    Re: Playoffs not Scary --

    Actually, if you win next week, you're headed to SD with only a 1-game playoff win streak.  As the #3 seed, you can only match up against the #2 seed in the divisional round...