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    Assuming Brady gets back to form soon, you can say that this will be a defining year for the Pats.  We need Brady to go back to being himself before we can define anything though.  By a defining year I mean:

    1. If we do well this year, we have a lot of reasons to think our run will continue for at least a few more years.  We've gotten mostly younger, and have a lot of upcoming draft picks.  If we do well with all the new folks this year, it bodes very well for our future.  It probably means we broke our string of lackluster drafts the past few years.

    2. If we have a subpar year (even with Brady playing better), it means we have little reason to expect much better results in the near future.  It likely means our new guys were OK, but not spectacular.  No reason to think our recent lackluster drafts will improve.  Depending on whether or not our problems end up being mostly on offense, defense, or both, it might mean that promoting from within has definitely reached its limits, and all debate should end on that.  It may be time to clean house with one or more coordinators. 

    I'm sure we are all hoping for #1.  I solidly believe Brady will get back in form by the Bye, our defense is going to be very good in November and December, and our draft picks this year are going to be good.  Therefore, I think the trolls are going to be hating us for some time.  

    Finally, we are making the playoffs.
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    This discussion will rely heavily of the severity of Matt Light's injury.  The Patriot's offense folded like a lawnchair after Light went down against Denver, and they have NO passrush whatsoever.  The running game must improve, either way. I just wonder if Belichick will EVER bring in the LawFirm to spark up the running game.  Also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please sign a fullback now!!  Brady will need extra protection, and Sammy Morris is a running back, not a hole maker!  Lorenzo Neal is available! Would like to see these things happen, who knows? Pats lose maybe 3 more games end up 11-5, Fins 9-7, Jets 9-7..... 3rd seed.
    Posted by jmmyslinski
    some of you guys kill me with the law firm being the pats saviour.not that i dont hope he turns out well,but he hasnt proven anything other then have two good games against two very bad teams.
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    In Response to Re: PLAYOFFS!:
    In Response to Re: PLAYOFFS! : Well, we have Tenn. and Tampa Bay, then the bye week.  I think we all agree, that the Pats should be 5-2 going into the bye, which is a solid record.  The meat of their schedule comes quickly after the bye and I hope they use that time off for some serious evaluation.  The resurgence of Miami does not bode well for the Pats, I always thought the Jets would fade but not rollover.  Let's hope for the best and plan for the worst.
    Posted by southernpat
    yes its a good record,but not solid.we should beat the two winless teams with no problem.if any of those games are close like the rest of the games,then the pats still have issues,and hopefully during the bye week it gets corrected.