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Please BB and Mr. Kraft SB47

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    Please BB and Mr. Kraft SB47

    3 players and the PATs win Superbowl 47. Add a Pass Rushing stud, a Shut Down corner,and a down the field Wide Out.

    Mr. Kraft and BB please use our draft picks and spend the money. Don't let this opportunity pass by. The time is now. Based on our Cap position and draft picks we are in a great position.

    Do this and the PATs will once again be on top of the Football world. Brady and BB will go donw as the greatest.
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    Re: Please BB and Mr. Kraft SB47

    We'll get an education on Mr. Kraft's commitment to winning next year over the next few months.

    Don't get your hopes too high.  I doubt the will spend big $$$ on new players.  That will be spent in house on the "family"

    Probably resign Welker and extend Brady and then bring in marginal WRs.

    They  need a cold blooded approach.