Why must you be so dam stubborn sometimes and keep torturing us with this worthless talent...seriously. Why in the hell do you have a vet like Shawn Springs sitting out during an important season game like last night.

What is it about Jonathan Whilhite that has him keep starting over and over and over again after being burned countless times the same dam way over and over and over again...arrggggghhhhhh. just pisses me off, man. Even a blind man can see that this kid is not NFL materiall. I don't wanna hear about this tired excuse about him being a rookie and that he is learning and needs time to grow..fck that, if thats the case then keep him on the practice squad, have him cover Moss and Welker and keep learning. If there's a blow out, THEN you give him time. But to put him on national spotlight like this is just embarrassing and is a key reason why teams will exploit the secondary endlessly.

He is laying Eggs all over the place, his coverage is disastrous, FIRE THE DAM RECEIVING COACH while you're at it too because the other slackers are not any better(that's up for another discussion). I have never seen a dam defender cover a receiver this dam bad from a team, it aggrevates the hell out of me it is coming from this team, a team we keep hearing is a modeled franchise for other teams to follow.

I seriously would like to know what Shawn Springs did or said to be on the bench.  Wilhite to me is too dam short and small, add to that, non experienced and it all = DISASTER. Receivers now are at least 6'2 and well built and having a 5'9 scrunny corner is not an advantage. There is only one Asante Samuel who can do what he does and we let him go. Whilhite never looks back to see when the ball is dropping, NEVER, never even makes an effort to throw his arm out to bat the freakin ball away. Never mind even getting an interception.
Every single game he is giving up some of the biggest plays that cost the team. If the ball is thrown deep in his direction, you cringe at the thought that it will hit its target 95% of the time for a non contested catch. What the fck is Belicheck on this season allowing slackers to continue playing like this, i thought he demanded the best from a player. How could Whilhite keep repeating the same mistakes and be allowed to play.