During the 'off season' there is still more to write about.

1) 2 open slots .... Does Andre Carter get one of these?

2) Does anyone have a 'typical' NFL Player contract? Sports agents are most likely Pro-Union. Does the NFLPA have a favvy list of Sports Agents? Hmmm I know only of Tedy Bruschi doing his own.

3) What does the NFLPA include for the Players except collecting fees? Do they offer a 'Retirement Plan' that the players contribute?

4) Other Teams have taken notice from the Pats (Steelers blog here) and now have instituted the 'Hurry up' offense more into their game plans.

5) Fake injuries during a game to stop an offense. What would you add? A legit or fake injury timeout seems debatable according to current rules.

6) Not all Belichick wannabees are successful as many may think. Romeo was kicked out of Cleveland. Charlie Weiss had a unsuccessful experience at the Golden Dome and then OC at Florida and now settling in at K'State. Mangiboob is out of the business entirely. Josh had a contentious time in Denver. Is it true that Belichick disciples are really that good? Coords' yes.

7) Lets face it! The difference makers (IMPACT Players) on 'D' are a memory. Tedy, WillyMac, Rodney, Ty Law, Mike V, Sey? Where are the replacements as it's been a awhile. Can you still believe that these 6 played on the 'D'  together for a few years? Did Manning/Rivers really choke or was it the Pats 'D' that made them choke? Wonderful memories!

8) The Pats lack of a true RB and WR Impact player except in FA or trade. This wait and see on 'original' RBs and WRs is confusing. Curtis Martin, Stanley Morgan were the last great Original Pats at those positions? A long time ago, why is that?

9) Can't really complain, afterall, the Pats are in contention every Year as I'm amazed by it all. It's Obvious that Belichick is the one to get the most from what he has, a tough job.

10) The intimidaters will always be present on a forum with insults and name calling, This is CYBERSPACE ...

11) add more...the forum needs you...Or take-off with one of the above if you prefer.

Thanks to all who keep the forum moving forward .....Just doing my part. Wishing all good health and Happiness