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Porter starts it again...

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    Porter starts it again...

    Jets' Rhodes, Dolphins players in pregame skirmish

    November 1, 2009

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    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.—New York Jets safety Kerry Rhodes and a few Miami Dolphins players got into a shoving match on the field about a half-hour before the teams' game.

    Looks like Joey Porter of Miami started it again, today before the Jets game. (See below). Wow! what a week we have to look forward to. He is sure to run his mouth against how they will come here and smash the Pats. Well, I hope Brady, Welker, Meriwhether, and the rest have a great week of practice and are more then ready for them. I would like to see Joey try and tell Tom and Randy off....interesting

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    With both teams warming up on the field Sunday, Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter appeared to say something that Rhodes took exception to. Rhodes, near the Jets' sideline on the Dolphins' end of the field, went over to Porter and shoved him. Porter shoved back as other players got involved, including Jason Taylor, and Rhodes then took a swipe at Dolphins linebacker Cameron Wake before the players were separated.

    The incident is the latest in a heated rivalry that was reignited in the offseason when Jets coach Rex Ryan and Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder had a playful war of words.

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    Re: Porter starts it again...

    Words can hurt.
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    Re: Porter starts it again...

    Joey always is good for something.  Best thing to do is shove it straight down his throat with a nice beatdown of his silly team.  It wont shut him up, but then we can laugh and ignore him for 3 more weeks.
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    Re: Porter starts it again...

    Joey was pi**ed at Ryan's comments and rightfully so A coach making remarks about an injured player from another team is stepping over the line even for Rex Ryan ( you do know about the remarks don't you Lady??) Ryan was called out by Marino and other players after the comments. Good for the Fins put that fat a** Ryan in his place!!!