position heirarchy

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    position heirarchy


    i would argue that safety is as important if not more than cb or left tackle.  look at the sb champs from the past decade.....new orleans, pitt, indy, ne, ny, tampa and balt.   of those teams only one has a perenial top notch left tackle in john ogden, buit all of them had potentially hall of fame safeties in paloumalu, sanders (when healthy) harrison, lynch, sharper, and hof inductee rod woodson.  the only exeption being the giants who again didn't have a pro bowl left tackle, nor a safety with that ability but a front sevfen who were dominant enough to compensate.  when the pats lost ty law they still finished the last thrid of the season 04, undefeated and won the superbowl.  when they lost rod harrison they couldn't get to the big game.  safety has become as important, and CERTAINLY more important than WR, which is prob the least important pos on any team.

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    Re: position heirarchy

    i woould agree with as important, but not more important
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    Re: position heirarchy

    It in part also has to do with depth.  Every team wants a 3rd good CB, most teams cannot afford a 3rd good safety.  There are exceptions, but the drop off is usually pretty big.
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    Re: position heirarchy

    I absolutely agree that the S position is extremely important. Especially since this is now a passing league , you need to have athletic , versatile S's on the field like Polamalu ( not paloumalu ) , Reed , Rolle , Wilson , Phillips , Jackson etc. This is one of the reasons Ive been all over Earl Thomas for years. Listen I agree w/ you that S's are very important , but your wrong on your other points...LOL very wrong! The most important position on D is the linebacker position by far and Im sorry but its not close. Just look at the Saints this year , all their success on O was predicated on manipulating the 'backers from the opposing team. One pump fake , a double move etc to turn a 'backers hips , move their feet , keep them guessing was all Brees/Payton and his O needed to take control of the game. I really havent heard anyone else pick up on that except 1-2 other people , but if you really watched them this year and know what to look for you'd see that. After the linebacker you have DE or OLB , getting pressure on the QB is absolutely everything these days and what its all about. Like I said I agree w/ you about the importence of the S position and have been saying this for years. Im not trying to be a d!ck , but your foolish if you think Sanders is more important than Freeney , if you think Madieu Williams is more important than Jared Allen. I mean this isnt even up for debate. In terms of importence on D Id have to go DE/OLB , LB , S , DT/NT then CB. One more thing , your foolish if you think S is more important than WR , again thats not even close. This is a passing league first and these days WR's make or break or O.
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    Re: position heirarchy

    To ALL:


    Sorry, But I'd place a top-notch Cornerback above a Safety.  CBs are in a 1-1 matchup far, far more often than a Safety getting placed in a similiar Me vs You Battle.  Safeties, in being all over the field of play, can and DO get lost, but when a CB gets lit-up, It's for the whole world to see.  CBs=Imho, Less room for error...EVER.  Now, further this with The Spread Offense of a pass-happy NFL League, exact timing patterns for eligible receivers, crossing routes, AND Bigger & Better wideouts that you can't even touch any longer without drawing an interference flag, shortened to 5 yards or less (depending on official) area where you may be able to bump them at the LOS & when a CB attempts to jam a WR who's bigger, faster, more spread out than ever, and who has these extra Offensive Rules helping him more now than ever, and that CB misses, JUST 1 Single Time, it becomes a HUGE play...  The Safeties, In having a sorta multifaceted positional duty, Have a greater NUMBER of duties...but the flip-side of this, Is that they can somewhat cleanse themselves of the precise responsibility of failing at 1 duty, at 1 time...a CB has no such room for error.  

    But again, it's very tough to place a given value on guys vs other guys (position-wise).  Imo, I'd rather have a stable of just Above-Average Safeties, but ZERO game-changers, but with Better CBs...OR perhaps, just Above-Average Safeties, decent enough CBs, But with 1 trully great shut-down CB who I could put anywhere on the field (not just 1 side in zone-coverage like A$, or even Asomugha for that matter)...  Gimme Revis, on the Offense's VERY best WR, with a deep stable of average yet intelligent Safeties that just don't mess things up.

    With ALL that above, shoot...IF I had CB like Revis with a total & complete game @ CB, WHEN he did eventually slow down, I could place him @ Safety for another few years regardless, and thus maximize him to the fullest (just like many teams have done with bigger & better CBs who slow down).  In this League, It is THE Safeties who are becoming more like CBs, As we see far, FAR less banger Safeties, and far better Coverage Safeties.  Now, In one sense, a person could say therefore, That a Safety has to be even better than ever before, In his multi-skills than a CB...I disagree.  Safeties, are being used to an excessive degree, as Coverage CBs, BECAUSE there ARE so very few CBs, even in the entire NFL, Who have a Complete Game.  So limited are those CBs who are just as good at covering as tackling, So what's a Coach to do, but use a Safety to cover another eligible receiver...  Personally, I'm sure a Coach would much rather have another better covering CB to stop that receiver from getting the ball to begin with (and be a good enough form tackler just like Revis). 

    And personally, IF I had to choose either to be an NFL Safety OR an NFL Cornerback, sheez-It'd be a freakin NO-brainer.  WhoTH wants to be on a man-man, YOU vs ME matchup ALL day long, then mess up 1 single time, outta 87 plays, and lmao-Give Up a TD?  I'd much rather oversee the field as a sorta General, and try to rip someone's head off when they go over the middle, and/or see the whole play develop perfectly and try to place myself in just that exact spot for a pick 6, and/or Do ANY Numerous and Novel other things, instead of sweat a 1-1 matchup...