The practice squad is the key to keeping as much of our depth as possible and figuring out the last few roster spots.  Information of who's eligible isn't that easy to come by, and projections of how likely a player is to clear waivers is pure speculation.  That said, here's what I believe to be a complete list of PS eligible players on the current roster followed by the odds that they would clear waivers.

- Unlikely to Pass Waivers:
Pat Chung - 5%
Ron Brace - 5%
Darius Butler - 5%
Sebastion Vollmer - 5%
Julian Edelman - 20%
Terrence Nunn - 20%
Myron Pryor - 20%
Brian Hoyer - 25%
Jake Ingram - 25%

- Chung, Brace, Butler, Vollmer and Ingram figure to contribute right away so they are roster locks.  As long as Hoyer is the only QB behind Brady I guess he's a roster lock also, but that could change.  Edelman, Nunn, Pryor and Hoyer all seem to be in a roster-spot-or-lose-them situation.  I'd hate to lose any of them. 

- It'd be risky, but they might clear waivers:
Rich Ornberger - 40%
Shawn Crable - 75%
Terrence Wheatley - 75%

-This group is generally considered to be roster locks, and I think Ornberger is.  It doesn't look to me like either Crable or Wheatley are ready to contribute right away and I'm pretty sure they'd make it to the PS.  I'm thinking I'd take this gamble with both of them and use those precious two roster spots elsewhere.

Ryan Wendell - 90%
Darryl Richard - 90%
Rob Ninkovich - 90% (this is tricky, but I think he's still eligible, he might also be grabbed in season by either the Saints or Dolphins)
Titus Adams - 95%
George Bussey - 95%
Jamar Love - 98%

- Ryan Wendell seems to be the guy that beat Russ Hochstein out of a job, but I think he'll make it through to the PS where he'll be immediately available if we need him.  Ninkovich has shown up well in pre-season, but could probably be stashed.  There isn't much available on Richard, Adams or Bussey.  Bussey probably hits the squad and I'm not sure about the other two.  Love has not looked good, but it doesn't hurt to have another DB stashed.  Unless we can get someone better off waivers.

- That gives me Crable, Wheatley, Ninkovich, Wendell and Love.  That leaves room for 3 more which could come from the list above or off waivers.  It also frees up 3 spots from most people's roster projections, making room for Nunn or O'Callaghan or Ventrone or Law Firm or McGowan depending on how you project the 53.